Why Women Are Wearing Their Blazers on Just One Arm

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I'm going to show you 2 new ways to style a blazer and button down shirt. I recommend using oversized pieces of clothing because this won't work if the items are very fitting to begin with.

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For the first look you want to be wearing your button down on both arms but your blazer only on ONE

Unbotton your shirt and make it line up with the front of your blazer

Now reach back and grab the blazer sleeve not on your arm and wrap it around your waist

Put a belt on top and BAM a whole new look

Very chic and modern look using two classic staples.

For look 2 start by putting your button down on BACKWARDS and only putting one sleeve on

Now put your blazer on one arm and it should be covering the back buttons

Wrap the sleeve of the blazer not on your arm around your waist instead!

Secure everything in place with a cute belt and wala!

This look is one shoulder so a little more skin showing but still not overdoing it

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