Learn How to Dress for Fall With These Great Tips From a Stylist

With summer ending and fall beginning, many people think they need to switch out their wardrobe. Sometimes, though, a few quick adjustments are all that is necessary to bring a summer outfit straight into the fall. In this guide, stylist Giedre Kavaliunaite demonstrates some easy and gorgeous ways to transition those beloved outfits. If you like what you see here, check out Giedre's YouTube channel for more great ideas to help you find your personal style!

Dress for fall
Add a statement coat

The addition of a statement coat, along with neutral-colored heeled boots, is the perfect way to bring that beloved summer dress into the fall. By adding a dark purse, Giedre manages to make her outfit perfect for autumn.  

Fall styling
Muted tones

Bright colors can be great, but they scream summer. With a muted blue blazer over jeans and white sneakers, Giedre demonstrates the importance of choosing the right color schemes for the season. The addition of a leopard print scarf and an earthy-toned purse really tie this look together. 

How to dress for fall
Add textures

Textures are perfect for autumn, and Giedre knows it. A patterned blouse pairs perfectly with dark khaki leather pants. Adding a long cardigan and brown heeled boots gives this outfit that cooler weather feel. The chosen accessories of a plaid cap and a dark purse are the cherries on top of the cake in this gorgeous fall outfit. 

Fall styling
Throw on a cardigan

Everyone loves a good cardigan, and Giedre is no exception. Throwing on a neutral-colored cardigan over a dark shirt magically transitions this classic outfit into one perfect for autumn. Black leather shoes that match her handbag and a scarf around the neck are the perfect accent pieces for this outfit. 

Fall wardrobe
Cozy layers

It wouldn’t be fall if comfort wasn’t a top priority. There’s just something about this season that makes a person want to wrap up in a cozy blanket. Giedre translates that feeling into an outfit by adding layers. A big, comfy sweatshirt under an open jacket, both in muted tones, goes perfectly with a pair of baggy gray jeans and white sneakers. A patterned handbag adds interest to this outfit that screams fashionable comfort. 

Fall clothing
Back-to-work vibe

Giedre demonstrates that even a summer dress can be perfect for fall. By switching out the white sneakers she would normally wear with a polka-dotted dress to black leather loafers, she manages to make this dress work. A blazer and a pretty belt that matches her handbag and glasses really take this look from business to casual. 

How to create fall looks
Chunky footwear

Who would have thought that a good pair of chunky shoes is all that would be needed to transition an outfit to autumn?! Giedre demonstrates how well her chunky sneakers pair with a classic sweater-and-jeans look in this beautifully simple outfit. 

Black outfit for fall
Swap for black

White is perfect for summer, but as the weather starts to get cooler, black is the way to go. By throwing on a black hoodie and black shoes, Giedre’s outfit is instantly transformed from cool to warm. 

Perfect fall outfits

All of these looks are absolutely stunning and perfect for the cooler weather. They’re so easy to recreate and they’re sure to make fall more fashionable. Which of these is your favorite outfit? Let us know in the comments! Do you have a suggestion of how to transition a summer piece into autumn? Leave us a picture below! 

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