How to Shop Your Closet to Create Affordable Italian-inspired Outfits

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Here’s a tutorial to help you learn how to shop your closet, and create affordable Italian-style fashions that are perfect for you.

For the styles I’m going to show you, I’ve borrowed from high-end men’s fashion, and utilized the style-elements I found there for beautiful trendy and classic women’s fashion.

Italian fashion

1. Gather inspiration

Watch men's wear fashion videos or browse through men's fashion blogs to gather inspiration.

For fresh styling ideas, pay attention to street style from various fashion events. 

Then, collect images of your favorite street style looks and compile these images into a mood board to visually represent the style elements you admire. 

Identify key elements such as tailored separates, harmonious silhouettes, interesting layering, prints, and accessories.

Italian fashion

2. Analyze style elements

Break down the elements of style observed in the mood board.

Italian fashion

Focus on tailored separates, both classic and oversized silhouettes, and how they create a balanced look.

Italian fashion

Note the use of interesting layering techniques, such as thick sweaters and scarves under vests, or denim jackets under coats.

Italian fashion

Pay attention to the combination of prints and solids for a visually appealing contrast.

Consider the deliberate use of accessories like functional totes, shoulder bags, scarves, hats, and sunglasses to enhance the overall look.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

3. Shop your closet

Use your mood board and style analysis as inspiration to shop your closet.

Mix and match pieces you already own to recreate the looks you admire.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

Experiment with layering, combining different styles, and playing with proportions. 

Focus on utilizing what you have creatively rather than feeling the need to buy new items.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

4. Experiment and create

Try on different combinations of clothing items based on the style elements identified. 

Don't be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and colors to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

Experiment with accessories to add personality and functionality to your outfits.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

Take photos of your outfit combinations to assess how they look and make adjustments if needed.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

5. Evaluate and refine

Assess each outfit you've created and determine if it captures the essence of the style elements you aimed for. 

Consider what worked well and what could be improved in terms of fit, styling, and overall cohesiveness.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

Refine your outfits by making adjustments or trying different combinations until you're satisfied with the result.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

6. Finalize and enjoy

Choose your favorite outfits from the ones you've created. 

Wear them confidently and enjoy expressing your personal style with the outfits you've put together.

Italian-inspired outfit idea

How to shop your closet

Remember that fashion is about self-expression and creativity, so have fun experimenting with different looks! 

By following these steps, you can translate the style inspiration from your mood board into practical actions for curating your own stylish outfits from your existing wardrobe.

Share your thoughts and mood board inspiration by leaving a comment!

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