Shacket Lookbook - How to Wear a Shacket

Christina Joann
by Christina Joann

“What’s a shacket?” I hear you ask. A shacket looks like a shirt but is a thick outerwear piece, like a jacket! So it’s a shirt-jacket. Shackets are a staple piece in my wardrobe, and over time I’ve come to have quite a collection of them! In this lookbook, I’m going to be showing you the different shackets that I own, and I’ll talk you through how I would style each of them.

Style shackets

Shacket 1

This is a plaid shacket and probably the most common type of shacket that you will have seen. It is in beautiful neutral tones, and it’s a high-quality wool material. For a casual look, I would style this with your basic blue denim. Another way I like to wear it is to monochrome the neutral look by wearing it with a white or off-white pair of pants and a matching t-shirt. In colder weather, I would wear a neutral-tone sweater, either a turtleneck or a crew-neck. I might also wear a black sweater with it, elevating the jacket and making it look more chic. I would keep it basic for shoes and pair it with some black booties or a pair of Converses for more of a street-style vibe.

Easy shacket style

Shacket 2

This jacket is similar to the last one but slightly different. I fell in love with the colors on it - the khaki and yellow. I would style it similar to the last jacket - neutral-toned sweaters to keep that continuous neutral look. I would also wear khaki t-shirts to help color coordinate with the colors on the jacket and bring them out. For a casual look, again, I would pair it with blue denim. I feel that you can’t go wrong with the shacket and denim look. It’s an easy look to wear on an everyday basis.

How to style a shawl

Shacket 3

This is another neutral-toned shacket. I just love shackets because I feel that they are so easy to style up and down. I would wear this one with my pair of faux-leather leggings and a neutral top.

How to style a jacket

Shacket 4

Moving on from plaid shackets, this is called the Borna Shacket. It looks very much like your classic white button-up shirt, but it is an outerwear piece of clothing. I really like the thick material. I would style this with light-denim wash fitted-jeans as the jeans’ light tone would work well with the white jacket. I would also wear it with gray pants; this would create an elevated dressy look.

How to wear a shacket

Shacket 5

This is a fleece shacket. I feel that it is such a statement piece because of the fleece material, but it is also a staple piece because its a classic black. I would wear this with a black or grey t-shirt and then some simple pants. This shacket is very easy to style, and it's so cozy; I just love wearing it.

Shacket outfit ideas

Shacket 6 

This black shacket is real leather. Leather is a staple piece to have in your wardrobe. My favorite look with a leather shacket is just wearing it with blue denim and a white or gray t-shirt. For a more cozy look, I'd wear it with a turtle-neck underneath.

Basic shacket look

Shacket 7

The diamond pattern on this white leather jacket is timeless and I love it. It reminds me of the Chanel purses. I would wear something fairly plain underneath due to the pattern on the jacket; a patterned top as well would overdo it. Wearing a solid-colored top underneath but varying the style and color of the top is an easy way to change up the outfit depending on what look I'm going for.

Styling shackets

Shacket 8

The last shacket that I have for you here is this plain neutral tone one. This one has really big pockets at the front and then this cape opening at the back, I love these two details. Again, I would style this jacket with neutral tones that would complement it and wear a pair of booties or converses for an easy, casual look.

Shackets are such a loved piece in the fashion world right now because they are so easy to style, and you could just wear one every day. As you can see from my collection, there is a wide variety of shacket styles out there - I have some plaid ones, some leather ones, and other ones as well. If you don’t yet own a shacket, get on down to your local mall to buy one and see how it can enhance your wardrobe.

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