How to Wear an Oversized Blazer - 7 Sophisticated Outfit Ideas

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

Feeling uninspired for how to wear oversized blazers? Pick up some tips with these seven oversized blazer outfit ideas that I’ve put together. I’m going to be showing you how to style an oversized blazer for different occasions, and for the fall season. Let’s jump on in!

Oversized blazer outfit with loose jeans

1. Everyday chic

For an easy, everyday look, style a black long-sleeve top with your favorite pair of loose jeans. I’ve opted for a cropped pair in a dark wash. Throw a beige blazer over the top to contrast with those dark tones and add some sophistication to your outfit.

A pair of lace-up boots are a perfect street style option; I’ve added a pop of color to mine with a bright yellow lace.

Oversized blazer outfit with a fanny pack

2. Asymmetric interest

A fanny pack worn over the shoulder makes for a welcome change to your standard handbag, and it frees up your hands as well! Stylish and practical is something that we all love.

Pair it with a taupe suit and a knotted tee for an edgy and contemporary look. I love styling blazers by themselves, but nothing beats a whole suit; it is just so sophisticated and refined.

Glam evening oversized blazer outfit

3. Evening glam

Get dressed up for a night out by pairing some cropped jeans with a striking transparent pair of heels. Pop on a simple black vest with your blazer over the top. Turn up the cuffs to amp up the vibe and grab a metallic bag to finish the look off. You’re ready to hit the town!

This is a really straightforward look where the end result is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Oversized blazer styling with a belt

4. Belted

Cinch in that skinny waist of yours by layering a belt on top of your wrapped-around blazer. A pair of blue jeans is an ideal accompaniment to a blue-gray blazer as the two colors compliment one another very well.

I’ve matched my sandals with the color of the blazer and have coordinated the accessories with a black leather bag and belt.

How to wear an oversized blazer casually

5. Elevated casual

For simple dressing at its best, pair a white t-shirt with a pair of beige shorts and a brown blazer over the top. Who said that dressing casually means that you need to compromise on style?

A blazer takes those basic elements to the next level and keeps you looking on-trend. Finish the look with a pair of comfy, crisp white sneakers and a little leather backpack.

Fall oversized blazer outfit ideas

How to wear an oversized blazer for fall

6. Elongated elegance

Spruce up your look with a fanny pack belt layered on top of a wraparound blazer.

Leaving part of the belt hanging down, combined with the vertical stripes on the side of my pants as well as my heels, helps to give an elongated effect, making me appear taller and slimmer.

Combining sweatpants with a blazer isn’t an obvious combination, but to me, fashion is all about playing around and having fun, so if it works for you, go for it!

How to wear an oversized blazer

7. Feminine flair

Add some ladylike elegance with a silky slip dress and a pair of strappy heels. These pieces provide the perfect contrast to the masculine fit of the blazer, and the mixing of these two styles creates a harmonious blend.

This look is so effortless and easy to put together, yet scores full marks when it comes to glamor and beauty.

How to wear an oversized blazer

Those are seven ways to style an oversized blazer, but of course, there are many other options out there. An oversized blazer is so versatile and an essential piece for any wardrobe.

Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, layer a blazer on top of your outfit, and you’re good to go!

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