How to Style Neutral Workwear Outfits

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

I love neutral pieces. I love how chic, how expensive, how authentic they look, and here I’m going to be showing you how to style neutral pieces, neutral colors within your wardrobe. These are some of the wardrobe essentials that you need to get because they are versatile and help you easily mix and match certain pieces within your wardrobe without purchasing new things.

Neutral color outfits

Outfit 1

Look number one is this chic outfit. I love the brownish-red brick-like color top with these white pants. The brown handbag matches really well with the brown shoes.

Style neutral outfits

Outfit 2

Here I have changed the top for a bralette and have added a blazer over it. You could wear this outfit to go on a date or a girls’ night out. The blazer adds a nice sophisticated touch.

How to style neutral outfits

Outfit 3

This is similar to the last outfit, but I’ve switched the cream blazer for a white one instead. I love the golden buttons on it. White automatically makes an outfit look so chic and is also a great color to wear for those with a dark skin tone.

Neutral outfit style

Outfit 4

Here I’ve got on a high-neck bodycon top. This top, combined with the trousers, creates a more official, more corporate, more business casual look. You can also layer it with a blazer to look like even more of a go-getter. For accessories, I’ve got on some simple gold hoops and a gold bangle which have an understated elegance to them.

Styling neutral outfits

Outfit 5

Next up is this gray blazer paired with a white vest-top. I love the black buttons on this blazer - style is always found in the small details of an outfit. I've added a black bag which pairs well with the buttons.

Easy neutral outfit style

Outfit 6

In this look, I’ve switched up my outfit with these brown pants. The belt on the pants adds a charming feminine touch to them. I really like the outcome you get when you mix different shades of brown in an outfit.

Stylish neutral outfits

Outfit 7

In this outfit, I’m wearing the full suit. It looks so bold. You can never go wrong with a good suit. A good suit is like an old friend who will never let you down.

Simple neutral outfits

Outfit 8

Ooh la la! Here we have a body cinching bralette. I know that Valentine’s Day has just passed, so you can wear it for next Valentine’s Day! This outfit is great to wear for a party, out for brunch, and you can always add a jacket over it for a bit more coverage.

Formal neutral outfits

Outfit 9

Another excellent work look. This gorgeous pair of pants now with a white shirt and a pair of white heels which work amazingly together (I’ve even painted my toenails white as well!). If you want to dress it down and look more chilled, then you can add a hat - I’m wearing a Panama-style hat.

Neutral workwear

Outfit 10

Here I’m wearing a pair of high-waisted skinny black pants. Some might not think that black is a neutral color, but I say it is! An over-the-shoulder jacket looks oh so suave.

Neutral office clothing

Outfit 11

In this outfit, I’m wearing a v-neck top with a cream blazer. The top and the shoes look fabulous together, and the v-shaped neckline I love because it creates a really nice definition in the look.

Professional neutral clothing

Outfit 12

Same as the last outfit but with a mustardy colored jacket instead - which do you prefer?

I’ve shown that you can create lots of different outfits by mixing and matching a few pieces. I’ve also shown you how blazers are really great at dressing an outfit up and making it more suitable for the workplace. Get hold of a few key pieces and some good blazers for yourself and discover just how versatile they can be!


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