Cute and Easy Rainy Day Outfit Idea

by Unorthodoll

Hey guys. I’m going to give you a great rainy day outfit idea. I went thrift store shopping and put together an entire outfit to inspire your rainy day look.


1. First layer

A short dress is great for rainy summer days. Long dresses or pants might graze the wet ground or just get wet from being rained on.

Rain coat

2. Second layer

A raincoat is an obvious must. I love this colorful, youthful yellow raincoat I found. A statement raincoat is a great way to marry style and function.

Rain boots

3. Accessories

Get a pair of rubber rain boots to keep your feet dry. I found these adorable short pink boots.


Make sure you also have an umbrella. I love that my umbrella has a strap to carry it like a small bag. Lastly, get a bag that is water-resistant.

Rainy day outfit idea

Rainy day outfit idea

I am so happy with this affordable second-hand rainy day look I put together. I hope it inspires you to create your own rainy day outfit. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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