How to Shop Your Closet For Fall & Winter 2022 Trends

Ciao everyone! Today I'm sharing how to incorporate fall and winter 2022 Italian style trends without shopping. It's easier to shop your closet when you understand elements of style. Follow along for winter 2022 fashion trends, tips and inspiration.

Examples of a voluminous silhouette

1. Voluminous silhouette

This trend appears in big, faux fur coats and collars.

Ways to incorporate volume into your style

If you don’t have a fluffy coat, try to find other places to incorporate the volume. I’ve chosen a warm-toned coat, wide-leg jeans, a big scarf, a chunky sweater untucked, to add that bulk.

Bowling bags for winter 2022

2. The bowling bag

Here I will shop my closet for a purse with a similar shape to these bowling bags. Look for a bag with a bit of a squarish shape and a top handle.

Shopping your closet

We could probably get away with a purse like this, since it has a similar shape.

Navy blue purse

Another option is this navy purse with the top handles that more closely resemble those on a bowling bag, despite that the structure is slouchier.

Visual socks trend

3. Visual Socks

This is basically a styling hack of wearing socks that you can see. In the trend photos, they are more like thigh-high stockings.

Styling stocking with denim

To make this trend more wearable, I’m pairing my cute stockings with shorter, cropped denim.

Styling white tanks in a new way

4. Styling basics

In the trend photos, they style basic white tanks, but I’m interpreting this trend more loosely to mean the styling of basics in your wardrobe. This could be a long sleeve, white T, or any white top.

How to shop your closet for trends

A white tank top isn’t practical for the current climate where I live. So instead, I went with the idea of a bright white top to contrast the other elements of my look. I’ve styled a basic white T, tucked into jeans, without a belt to keep it casual. Then I’ve added a striped blazer for warmth and some boots.

Accessorizing with classic earrings

I love the tension that the polished blazer creates with the more laid-back pieces. I’ve completed the look with some classic earrings for another touch of refinement. 

The corset trend for winter 2022

5. The corset

For me, the corset trend is more about having a tiger bodice, especially styled with pieces that add volume to the silhouette. 

How to mimic the corset trend

Don’t worry if you don’t actually own (or want to wear) a corset! You could cinch a blazer or a pair of high-waisted pants with a thick belt, etc. 

 I like how in the inspiration photos, the bustier was layered on top of other pieces for a warmer outfit. That’s too maximalist for me, so I’m going to do the opposite and layer on top of my bustier.

On the top, I have my black bustier that frames the neck and shoulders. On the bottom, I have looser, laid-back denim pants. Then, because it’s cold, I’ve thrown on a blazer and boots. 

Fuchsia in fashion

6. Fuchsia addicted

Fuchsia is definitely not my color, but I’m adopting from the trend photos the idea of wearing a punchy color.

Incorporating bright colors into your wardrobe

Is this fuchsia? No! It’s not even head-to-toe one bright color. But I just love this outfit! 

Head-to-toe knitwear

7. Head-to-toe knitwear

What stands out, to me, about his trend is not necessarily having these knitwear sets, but rather being dressed head to toe in a soft and slouchy texture.

Knitwear vibes

Here only my top half, a cashmere turtleneck, is knitwear, but it’s all very cozy. The pants are super laid back and slouchy, so they are giving the same vibe as knitwear.

Sensual minimalism trend from the 90s

8. Sensual minimalism (very 90s)

For me, this is about showing the body through figure-conscious silhouettes rather than trying to mimic these exact pieces from the 90s. 

90s trend for 2022

I feel like there’s nothing more 90s than simplicity and nothing more sensual than wearing a bustier. It’s that simple! Don’t let the runway tell you what makes you feel sensual.

Knee-high boots

9. Knee-high boots

These knee-high boots have become popular over the last couple of seasons. I think it’s really interesting that they’re referencing the 70s. 

70s silhouette with knee-high boots

To pull from 70s silhouettes, I’m pairing these knee-high boots with a longer, accordion skirt that feels retro and styling in an analogous color palette, as in the inspiration photos.

Italian-style suits

10. Suiting

Let’s be real–we can’t all get our hands on Italian suits. But the thing about this tailoring is the slouchy suiting. 

Shop your own closet

I’ve gone all black but you can go vibrant if you prefer. The importance from the trend is tailored yet keeping the lines a little bit slouchy. Neither of these pieces is obviously trendy, but creating a look that’s tailored with a bit of slouch makes it feel contemporary.

Y2K trends in fashion

11. Y2K

To me, this style just means anything you can find in your closet that just doesn’t make much sense. You want sequins, faux fur, all the colors together. This is about maximal elements of style. 

Shopping your closet for Y2K trends

I’m trying to go out of my comfort zone but stay within my general style. I’ve paired gold pants with a huge waistband with a light blue turtleneck. The metallic pants definitely scream Y2K.

Wearing shorts in winter

12. Very shorts

Shorts in the winter forces you to play with exaggerated proportions. 

Shop your closet for winter 2022 trends

My shorts are all packed away with my summer wardrobe, so I’m using a mini skirt instead. I’ve paired it with tights, boots, a sweater, and a blazer to add warmth and that element of mixing proportions. 

Shop your closet for winter 2022 trends

Now that we’ve looked at winter trends for 2022 together, I hope this article helps you shop your own closet and make the trends your own. Show us your own look, inspired by these trends, in the comments below. 

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