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Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. I love refashioning clothes and thinking about what they can become. I also like to think about what clothes I do not have in my wardrobe and make them. That is how we got here to today's project, I wanted a skirt.

Before and after. 

These tan dress pants were great with this sweater. They did not fit my short legs well at all though. I already wore and loved the sweater. I wasn't going to refashion the sweater. I wanted to refashion those baggy pants.

I want to turn these tan pants into a tan skirt. I didn't have one of those. First, I cut the seam between the legs of these pants. I just cut from one hem, up the leg and down the other leg. 

The pants were now open at the inner seam and I could start to make a new shape.

 I used my dress form to hold the "pants" and start pinning my new skirt. You can do this without a dress form but the dress form just makes it easier.

I pinned the sides of the waist to make it higher and more fitted and I pinned the front of the pants to create a new seam down the center. I tried to make it straight so it would be smooth when I wore it. I pinned the back seam the same way. This made the skirt shape I wanted.

I cut off some of the extra fabric from the bottom so it would be out of my way when I was sewing it all together on my sewing machine. 

This is what the back looked like when I was sewing it together. The pins are out of the way. That little pointed piece to the right is the old crotch from the pants. It needs to be removed after the new seam is sewn. 

I loved this new skirt. Here is an inside view of a the new center seam with the excess fabric cut away.

I gave my new skirt a quick hem and I was done. 

It was a simple straight skirt and lets the striped sweater be the star of the show. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Dressy Pants or Slacks   (Thrifted)

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