J. Peterman Inspiration Without the Fancy Price...DIY Palazzos!

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2 Hours

I'm crazy about J. Peterman Style! In the latest catalog, describing a fabulous pants look, Peterman said it best: "It's late evening; her pants are a cool, delicious flow of silk against her skin; pure silk charmeuse in a wide-leg cut, very slimming, lots of drape." Cote d'Azur, J. Peterman Company, Owner's Manual No. 213.

And the J. Peterman price...$198.

I am so inspired by the look, but not the price. I'm sure we can do better. The cut is super simple - Beginner Sewing...Yes! The fabric can be your favorite choice. The Look will be Yours.

Palazzo Pants from a Sale-Bolt of Linen Fabric...Midnight Linen. Perfect!

The Pattern: Simplicity Easy to Sew.

We're Inspired...Palazzo Pants Done in a Flash!

Ready?? Let's Go!!

The Inspiration - J. Peterman Owner's Manual N. 213 - Cote d'Azur Palazzo Pants. Wow!

The Sale End-of-the-Bolt Fabric...Midnight Linen. About 6 Yards. This pant will need no more than 4 yards. JoAnn's Fabric.

Simplicity Pattern - Easy to Sew Palazzo Pants

Simplicity Pattern. Amazon LINK.

Ready??? Let's Go!

The pattern is Only TWO PIECES...FRONT AND BACK.

To totally simplify the pattern, Let's Not Cut a Separate Piece for the Waistband...INSTEAD, Add the Waistband to the length of the Pants, but don't CUT a SEPARATE PIECE.

CUT out the FRONT and BACK. For Each Pattern Piece, CUT 2.

SEWING. In keeping with the Cote d' Azure French-Style, We are Sewing French Seams. Simple to Do. Promise!!

With WRONG SIDES TOGETHER (usually it's with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER), Sew the Inner Pants Seams.


Like This.

Now, Flip so RIGHT SIDES are INSIDE...

Sew the Seams Again...

You have created a Neat and Tidy French Seam.

Follow the Pattern Instructions, Keep Sewing.

The Fabric Bolt is Done. New Palazzo Pants are Almost Ready...

Try On and Measure for the Elastic Waist. Fold Over the Top Waist to create an Elastic Waist Channel...I am using 3/4 inch Elastic.

Insert Elastic into the Opening and Wiggle Through the Channel.

Try On and Measure for a Secure Fit Before Sewing the Elastic closed.

Try on for the Last Time to Measure for the Hem...Lots of Fabric Needs to Be Cut Off for a Grazing-the-Top-of-the-Foot Hem.

And to Give Polish to the Palazzos...Double-Fold Bias Tape for the Hem.

Double-Fold Bias Tape. Amazon LINK.

Measure and CUT the Hem.

Billowy and Fun...Homestretch!

Starting at the Inner Seam, Pin the Double-Fold Bias Tape at the bottom of the Pants for the Hem.



WOW!!! Cote d' Azure French Palazzos In a Flash!!

Thanks, J. Peterman, for the inspiration!

And Made for About $10!!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Linen Fabric   (JoAnn's Fabric)
  • Double-Fold Bias Tape   (Amazon)
  • Simplicity Easy to Sew Palazzo Pants   (Amazon)

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