Plantain Whipped Body Butter to Revitalize Your Skin

This whipped and creamy plantain body butter made of plant-based ingredients will nourish, moisturize and heal your skin in a gentle way.

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The use of natural and easy to spread ingredients make this body butter a product that will be appreciated by all your whole family. I made one for myself when I started to go swimming regularly to the public swimming pool and began to notice that after swimming my skin was always itchy and dry. The body lotion that I used after each session didn't seem to work. I came up with a homemade solution with healing plantain oil and the result was overwhelming. I offered the same to my daughter and now she swears by it. It' s not only for dry or sensitive skin. It's for everybody who likes to pamper the body with easy to spread, gently odored cream that gives your body an exuberant and comfortable feeling.

In this article we will cover:

  1. What is body butter and why use one?
  2. The benefits of the ingredients we use
  3. How to make your whipped body butter
  4. Uses of body cream

What is a body butter and why should you use one?

Body butters are long-lasting, rich and creamy products with a strong smell. They are made of only oily ingredients (don’t contain any water) that usually consist of essential fats and carrier oils. In our case, essential fat is a shea butter and the carrier oil is plantain infused oil.

This nourishing plant-based product is not only suitable for dry, sensitive or delicate skin. You can use it for a diaper rash, to revitalize your hair or just heal your scars or stretch marks. If you live in an extremely dry climate that makes your body dry, you will definitely appreciate a body butter like this one. This violet whipped body butter is also excellent for your skin revitalization or to get rid of lumps and bumps that are associated with cysts or fibrocystic breasts.

Before you go and buy conventional products full of chemicals, parabens, and preservatives, try this easy to make natural alternative that will surprise you with its easy application and medicinal benefits.

measuring shea butter and plantain oil

Ingredients we used in this whipped body butter recipe

Plantain infused in coconut oil - this skin healer with soothing, nourishing and emollient properties also has the ability to stimulate cell growth and regenerate skin tissue. Plantain oil possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is therefore useful for the treatment of skin inflammations such as impetigo, ecthyma or eczema.

Mixture is taken out of the fridge

A great moisturizer, shea butter is rich in saturated fatty acid that is responsible for rebuilding skin cells. Therefore it keeps cellular membranes healthy and prevents cellular water loss. Extracted from the nut of the shea tree, shea butter also boosts collagen production and reduces wrinkles. This natural ingredient, very popular in the cosmetic industry, also possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial for the treatment of skin infections or potential skin irritations.

In case you like shea butter try this winter body butter that will nourish your skin and warms you in long winter months.

mixing with hand mixer to making whipped body cream

How to make your whipped body butter

Body butter can be like butter in consistency which is harder to spread on your skin. In this recipe, we decided to whip it and make a nice and creamy body butter that is easy to apply on your body. Therefore a hand mixer is necessary.

the mixture is ready to be filled in a jar

You will also need a double boiler to melt a shea butter with infusion oil.

Before the mixture is ready for whipping we need to place it in the fridge to cool and solidify.

The scent can be added with essential oils. I used lavender in this recipe but use any of your favorites, rose or chamomile might work great as well. Just avoid using essential oils if you plan to use it on kids.

moisturising cream with plantain oil

Can I replace the plantain infused oil?

If you only want to use it moisturize your dry skin or dry patches like elbows or heels you can use just coconut oil instead. If you are looking for healing properties to treat your scars or stretch marks then you can replace it with calendula infused oil or comfrey infused oil which possesses similar healing properties like plantain.

When is the best time to apply body cream?

Considering its thick consistency it's best to apply your body cream after a hot bath or shower to seal the moisture into your skin.

Alternatively, use it at night so that it has enough time to settle on your skin

Can I use body butter on my face?

Of course, just be careful with oily skin as this body butter is quite thick and oily so only apply a very thin layer. You can also use it for your neck and chest.

body whipped cream with plantain and lavender

Uses of plantain body cream

  1. If you suffer from very dry skin gently apply it over your whole body preferably after a bath and let it settle for some time. If you repeat it on a regular basis your skin will become smooth, hydrated and nourished.
  2. Use plantain body butter on parts of your body that tend to be constantly dry like elbows, heels of your feet, knees, lips etc
  3. If you are an eczema sufferer you should benefit from the healing and anti-inflammatory medicinal benefits of this body butter with plantain.
  4. this natural body butter will work well as a diaper rash cream for its soothing and moisturizing action
  5. Its nourishing and revitalizing effect helps reduce stretch marks and scars. You can also use this calendula healing oil to get rid of wounds, scars, burns, and bruises
  6. moisturize your scalp and revitalize your hair. This moisturizing plantain body butter provides effective antidandruff treatment for your dry scalp and at the same time provides overall protection for your hair.
  7. dissolve and remove makeup from your face
  8. this nourishing body butter not only moisturizes your hands but also your cuticles. Apply just a tiny bit to make it easier to cut or push them.
whipped body cream with plantain oil and shea butter

If you suffer from any of these conditions, this body butter is an excellent choice for you. Made of 2 ingredients only, full of nutrients and medicinal properties, this body butter will be hard to beat with any commercially sold products.




  1. Mix the plantain oil and refined shea butter together in a medium glass bowl.
  2. Gently melt the mixture in a double boiler stirring occasionally
  3. When the oils have melted, stir together and add lavender infusion oil or other as per your choice.
  4. Let the mixture cool until solidified. Place in the fridge to speed this up.
  5. Then beat with a hand mixer until the butter turns creamy and frothy. This could take 5-10 minutes.
  6. Place in clean, lidded container.

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