How to Make Cute Polymer Clay Flower Earrings Using the Slab Method

by MyVian
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In this DIY, you’re going to learn how to make polymer clay flower earrings. There is nothing quite like a gorgeous piece of jewelry that you handcrafted by yourself. It feels so fulfilling to be able to wear something that you designed from start to finish.

The floral design is beautiful, and you’ll love the finished piece.

Tools and materials:

  • Polymer clay 
  • Rolling pin
  • Cutter blade
  • Rubber tip brush
  • Dotting tool
  • Needle
  • Different shaped cutters
  • Jump rings
  • Earring fastenings
Rolling out the base slab and embossing it

1. Roll and emboss the base

Start by taking a piece of peach-colored polymer clay, then roll it into a flat rectangular shape with the rolling pin. Proceed to mark curved lines on the clay with your rubber tip brush.

Cutting the purple clay into small pieces

2. Cut circles

Roll the purple clay into a very thin and long sausage shape and with your cutter blade, cut it into little circles.

Shaping the polymer clay with fingers

3. Shape the circles

Roll each of the circles with your finger to form teardrop-shaped pieces.

Creating flower patterns on the slab

4. Create flowers

Place the pieces on the flat peach clay and flatten them down with your finger. They will look like the petals of a flower, and the curved lines you drew before will look like their stems.

Creating leaves on the slab

5. Create leaves

Repeat steps 2 and 3 of rolling, cutting, and shaping the clay, this time with the green clay. The only difference is that you want to create larger circles with the green clay so that it will make a larger shape.

Once done, place them along the stems to look like leaves. Use your finger to flatten them down.

How to make polymer clay flower earrings

6. Add more leaves

Repeat steps 2 and 3, this time with a more bluey shade of green clay, and place them on the peach slab underneath the other green leaves. Use your finger to flatten them down.

Polymer clay flower earrings tutorial

7. Add more leaves

Again, repeat steps 2 and 3, this time with brown clay, and place them on the peach slab underneath the two types of green leaves. Again, use your finger to flatten them down. You can also place leaves on the outskirts of the slab, as shown.

Rolling the slab flat

8. Roll flat

Next, take the rolling pin and roll the design flat.

Making stems for the flowers

9. Create the stems

Roll some green clay very thin and place it in between the petals and leaves. It will act as the stem. Press it down.

Adding stems to the flower design

10. Add more stems

Roll some darker green clay very thin, and place it on the peach base. Press it down with your finger.

Creating petals for the flower design

11. Create a petal

Roll some maroon clay quite thick and cut it into circles. Form the circles into petal shapes and place one at the end of the stems you just laid. Use a rubber-tip brush to press the petal down flat. Then, take the dotting tool and use it to stretch the petal out.

This tool will also make indentations on the petals, giving them a bit more texture.

Making flower earrings out of polymer clay

12. Add more petals

Lay two more maroon pieces either side of the petal and repeat the process - flatten it and then stretch out the shape.

Adding receptacles to the flowers

13. Make the receptacle

Using the same color you used to make the stems, roll the clay, cut it into circles, and then place the circle at the top of the stem to look like the flower's receptacle. Flatten the circles with your finger.

Adding small leaves to the stems

14. Create small leaves

Still using the same green clay, cut some green circles and roll them into small cylindrical shapes. Then, place them next to the stems as leaves and flatten them down—one leaf on either side of the stem. 

Handmade polymer clay flower earrings

15. Create big leaves

Roll bigger cylindrical shapes and press them down next to each stem. Use the dotting tool to press the leaf flat and make an indentation down the middle.

Embossing the leaves on the flower design

16. Emboss the leaves

To finish the design, take a needle and emboss veins on the leaves from the first part of the design.

Cutting out the earrings pieces.

17. Cut out the earring pieces

Use metal cutters to cut out as many shapes as you can from the clay. I used a medium circle, a small circle, an oval, and a teardrop-shaped cutter. Proceed to poke small holes through the shapes using a needle, as this is where you will later be able to insert jump rings.

Polymer clay needs to be baked. Check the instructions on your clay for the recommended temperature and length of time for baking. After baking, attach the pieces with jump rings and earring fastenings.

Polymer clay flower earrings

Polymer clay flower earrings tutorial

Here are the handmade polymer clay flower earrings once they’ve been baked and have had the jump rings attached. The design is so ladylike, graceful, and delicate, and these earrings really will be a great addition to your jewelry collection. 

Suggested materials:
  • Polymer clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Cutter blade
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