Disney's Princess Jasmine Dress and Hair Tutorial for Halloween

Ariba Pervaiz
by Ariba Pervaiz
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If you loved the Disney movie Aladdin and have a Princess Jasmine dress, you’ll need Princess Jasmine makeup and hair. This tutorial will help you get that lush Princess Jasmine hair.

My DIY Princess Jasmine costume looks so pretty my kids thought I was a real princess. While this Disney princess makeup and hair looks intimidating it really isn’t hard to do. You’ll need a lot of hair so depending on your natural hair, you may need a lot of extensions. Put on your Princess Jasmine dress and let’s get Princess Jasmine hair.

Tools and materials: 

  • Hair extensions
  • Teasing comb
  • Hair spray - light weight or pliable
  • Hair elastics 
  • Headband - stretchy elastic one
Prepping hair

1. Get your hair ready

Put on your hair extensions so you have a lot of hair. Part your hair down the center.

Backcombing hair

Begin to backcomb or tease your hair at the roots in tiny sections at the crown.

Backcombed hair

Gently smooth out the teasing without removing the height with the side of the comb. You don’t have to go too crazy. You can do 3 or 4 sections to get that height and Jasmine hair. 

Adding headband

Place your elastic headband at the base of the hair “cushion”.

Securing elastic

Secure the elastic with bobby pins because it’s going to want to pop off. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of them. 

Tugging hair higher

You can gently tug at the hair cushion to make it even higher.

Teasing hair

I want lots of drama in my hair and if you want it too, grab your hair in small horizontal sections and pull in the opposite direction. Tease them at the root. Continue teasing your hair at the root on one side.

Teased hair

Then do the other one, remembering to pull the hair in the opposite direction and teasing only at the root. Gently smooth it down.

Making hair crown

2. Make the crown hair

Grab a small section of the front of the hair on one side and tuck into the elastic band.

Making hair crown

Grab the tail end of the first section along with another piece and tuck it into the elastic band next to the first section.

Making hair crown

Continue the pattern on the first side until the first side is done.

Spraying hair

Repeat for the second side. Spray your hair to keep everything in place.

Hair looped to cover band

To cover the elastic band in the back, grab a small section of hair from the back. Loop it through the elastic band to cover.

If you like, you can finish your Princess Jasmine hair right here and pull back the hair in a classic ponytail. For a more authentic look and for looking regal in photos, I like to pull the hair to the side in a faux fishtail braid.

Making faux fishtail braid

3. Make the faux fishtail braid

Pull your hair to one side. Place a hair elastic to make a side ponytail. Have two hair elastics ready. Decide on the size for each section.

Making faux fishtail braid

Place the first elastic. Separate your hair in between the ponytail and first elastic into two equal sections.

Making faux fishtail braid

Loop the bottom part of your hair through the space.

Making faux fishtail braid

Gently tug on a few pieces to fan it open. This will make your hair bubble larger and fluffier.

Making faux fishtail braid

Repeat this technique for the second hair bubble. 

Adding gold ribbons

4. Finishing touches

Apply your Princess Jasmine makeup and place gold ribbons around your hair elastics. It’s those small details that make such a difference.

Completed Princess Jasmine hair

Princess Jasmine dress

Your Princess Jasmine costume and hair are ready for Halloween.

Completed Princess Jasmine hair

Please let me know in the comments if my hair tutorial helped you look like Disney inspired royalty for Halloween.

Suggested materials:
  • Hair extensions
  • Teasing comb
  • Hair spray - light weight or pliable
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