Cute DIY Purple Halloween Ghost Nails

19 Materials
1 Hour

If you’re struggling with nail art, this tutorial is for you. Follow along to make these purple, Halloween nails with me.

Tools and materials:

  • Builder gel
  • Peel base
  • Dip base
  • Purple dip powder
  • Clear dip powder
  • Nail brush
  • Clear dip powder
  • Lint-free brush
  • Flexible nail file
  • E-file 
  • Isopropyl alcohol 
  • Halloween nail decals
  • Dip top liquid
  • Nail scissors
  • Bent nose tweezers
  • Small dish
  • Nail stamper
  • Activator liquid
  • Sticky base
Prepping nails

1. Prep your nails

Start with builder gel on your natural nails, followed by a layer of peel base and dip base.

2. Pour dip powder

Apply your dip base on one nail, then pour whatever color dip powder you like on that nail. Repeat for each nail. Apply 2 layers of dip powder.

Adding dip powder

Once all nails have the colored powder, brush them to remove the excess.

Removing excess powder

3. Apply base gel and clear dip powder

Seal in the color with a thin layer of base gel. The thinner the better because you won’t need to do as much buffing and shaping later.

Use a lint-free wipe to help keep your gel brush from getting contaminated with powder.  

Applying base gel

While the gel is wet, apply a clear dip powder to each nail. Brush them to remove the excess powder. 

Adding clear dip powder

4. Apply activator

Paint a layer of activator on your nails.

Applying activator

5. File, buff and spray

Use a flexible file or buffing block on your nails. 

Filing nails

Then go around your cuticles with an e-file.

Cleaning up cuticles

Spray your nails with isopropyl alcohol for a clean finish on which to apply the decals.

Spraying nails with isopropyl alcohol

6. Apply decals and seal your nails

Paint a coat of clear polish on your nails.

Adding decals

Clear decals don’t show up as well on colored nails. You can add stamping polish to fill in the decal using a toothpick.

Then let the stamping polish dry completely before applying the decal to your nail.

Adding decals

Apply dip liquid, followed by activator liquid to all your nails. 

Adding base layer

On the nail reserved for the decal, paint a layer of sticky base, then stamp on the decal.

Stamping nail

Let the base dry for 20-30 seconds, then press the decal gently with your finger and paint a layer of top coat. 

Adding top coat

Here’s the final result of these purple ghost nails: 

DIY purple Halloween nails

DIY purple Halloween nails

How do you like my purple, Halloween nails? Comment down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Builder gel
  • Peel base
  • Dip base
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