Queen Charlotte Regency Hair Updo Showstopper DIY...Easy, Fast, Fun!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
3 Materials
15 Minutes

Queen Charlotte does not disappoint! Her Hair-Inspired Masterpieces in Bridgerton are epic! No doubt, the Creations are Hours in the making...with Dozens of staff at the ready to execute the prized hair creations.

What if there is a fun, simple, easy-to-execute DIY hairdo masterpiece for today! A Queen Charlotte Regency Hair Look that is Quick to Do, Almost No Cost, with the Required Crazy Fun Effect...Yes!!

Are You Ready for a DIY Queen Charlotte Regency Hairdo Showstopper??

Yes!!! Let's Go!!

Materials You Need:

2 Large Claw Clips...Ones that Match your Hair Color work best.

Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaners...12 Inch length.

Cupcake Toppers on Toothpicks...Nutcracker Suite Ballet is Fun!

To Begin...on Curly/Wavy Hair, Separate the Hair to Make 2 Ponytails at the Crown of Your Head. Curly or Wavy Hair has enough Body to allow the hair to stand up, rather than limp over...Sky-High Hair is the Goal!

Holding Each Hair Section, Make a Pony Tail by Pulling the Hair Section Up to the Crown of Your Head and Clip the Hair with the Claw Clip UNDER the Pony Tail to Hold in Place...

by Clipping UNDER the Section. it Allows the hair to STAND UP Straight...

Towering Tall Hair Updo...Ready for Magical, Regal, Fun Embellishments!!

Claw Clips...Large...Amazon LINK.

Now the Crafty Part...Create the Cake Topper Ballet Hair Pieces for the Crowing Touch...

Cake Toppers on Toothpicks...Nutcracker Suite Ballet...there are SO MANY Cake Toppers to Choose...Wow!!!

Cupcake Toppers...Nutcracker Suite Ballet...Amazon LINK.

Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaners...Perfect Weight, Very Stable to Stand Up Straight, and the Perfect Length.

I used 4 Cake Toppers and 2 Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaners for this Updo.

Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaners...Amazon LINK.

First, fold the Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Evenly in Half.

Next Add the Cake Toppers to the Ends of the Pipe Cleaners...

Do the same procedure on the opposite end of the pipe cleaner.

You will have 4 Cake Toppers on 2 Pipe Cleaners. The middle of the Pipe Cleaner will be where the Pipe Cleaner wraps around the hair...

Completely Cover the Toothpick of the Cake Topper with the Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaner...

Toothpick Covered...

2 Cake Toppers on 1 Pipe Cleaner...Now to Add the Cake Topper Embellishments to the Hair...

First, Take a Small Section of Hair at the Crown of the Head...

Wrap the Pipe Cleaner around the small section of hair...

Twist the Pipe Cleaner around the Hair to Secure...

Four Cake Toppers Securely in Place...


Hello Queen Charlotte...Simply Magical!

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Large Claw Clips   (Amazon)
  • Gold Tinsel Pipe Cleaners   (Amazon)
  • Cake Toppers   (Amazon)

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