NO Need for Cotton Wool While Removing Nail Polish

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Hello upstyle

Hope you kind people are safe and well.

Today's little project is a easy one.

Nail polish always needs taken of.

I had no cotton wool or pads and wanted to remove my nail polish.

Always the same when you need to do something. "I thought. Maybe I could use this. There's always a way.

So I made this.

Stay with me. This really works..


1 -Nail polish remover.

2- New or Old bath sponge.

3- Little glass jar with lid.

Cut your sponge to fit the glass jar

Once fitted cut a slice in the middle of the sponge like so.

Fill up the cap of the nail polish remover.

And tip onto sponge

Like so

All ready.

Below I had green nail polish on

Not my favourite colour. :)


Place you finger nail inside and turn your finger around.

With the rough edge of the sponge you will feel the polish coming of.

Works a treat.

It has taken all the polish of.

Once finished place the lid back on.

Untill next time you need it.

And that's how to remove nail polish without cotton wool or pads.

If you find yourself in this position

I hope you could use this little trick.

A bath sponge must laugh lol.

Thank you


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  • Nail polish remover   (Amazon)

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