Easy Reverse Eyeliner Hack for Aging and Sensitive Eyes

Karen Lien
by Karen Lien
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Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to show you how to do this reverse eyeliner trick. This little eyeliner trick is great for hooded, aging and droopy eyelids. Let me show you how to do it!

Tools and materials:

  • Setting spray
  • Eye liner brush
  • Matte black eyeshadow
  • Mascara
Dampening liner brush

1. Dampen liner brush

Take an angled liner brush and spray the end of it with some setting spray. 

Tight lining the lashes

2. Tight line the lashes

Next, tap the damp liner brush into a black matte eyeshadow and tight line right along those lashes, wiggling in between your eyelashes as you go.

You’re not going along your waterline! This is an easy way to faux tight line for those of us with sensitive eyes.

Drawing a line

3. Draw a line 

Now, take that same damp liner brush back into the black eyeshadow.

From the outer corner of your eye, where your outermost eyelash is, draw a little line going straight up. 

Applying mascara

4. Apply mascara

Grab your favorite black mascara. We're going to apply it, wiggling down at the base of your lashes to really give the appearance of a thicker lash. 

Easy reverse eyeliner hack

Easy reverse eyeliner hack

What do you think? Will you try this reverse eyeliner look? Let me know in the comments down below. I love to hear from you all.

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Suggested materials:
  • Setting spray
  • Eye liner brush
  • Matte black eyeshadow
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  • Cts78548578 Cts78548578 on Mar 26, 2023

    This is a great idea 💡 I do the wing by applying eye liner to the end of the lashes and then take a finger and put finger tip on the outer corner and drag it a bit. I find if I do it that way I don’t look like an old lady (67) and I also think it looks more classy

  • Karen Lien Karen Lien on Mar 28, 2023

    That is a great tip!!!