Say BYE to the Dark Circles Around Your Eyes!

by Shalini

The days are flying by and I am finding myself feeling more and more tired. The only thing more frustrating than being tired is LOOKING tired! This recipe is perfect for anyone struggling with dark circles under their eyes. First, let’s all take some time to relax and rest. Second, try this beauty hack.

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You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Potato
  • Coffee (powdered)

First grab a potato and grate it using a food peeler.

Extract the juice and mix it with some powdered coffee

Mix the ingredients well until you get a thick paste

Apply the paste under your eye and around the upper eye

Massage the paste into your skin and then wash it off after 15 minutes. This is like an exfoliator so you will be taking off some dead skin in these areas.

After you wash it off and your skin is clean, apply some almond oil. Massage it on your skin and leave it overnight.

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