Green Eyes & Red Lips: Sexy Christmas Makeup for the Festive Season

8 Materials
40 Minutes

This sexy Christmas makeup tutorial is perfect for the festive season with colors inspired by the most joyous time of the year! Whether you’ve been invited to a work event or a family get-together, I think this glam Christmas party makeup will work so well with whatever you’re wearing.

Tools and materials:

  • Green eyeliner
  • Green eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Fake lashes
  • Foundation
  • Contour
  • Bright red/orange lipstick
  • Assorted makeup brushes
Applying green eyeliner to the eyes

1. Apply green eyeliner

With a lovely deep green eyeliner, go ahead and line your top lash line. Make sure to wing it out on the outer edge. 

Creating a wing with a brush

Now, you don’t have a lot of playtime with this, as most of these liners set quickly. So, immediately after, pull the color out with your brush. Like this, you’ll create a diffused wing liner for a softer look. 

Building up the green eyeliner

Keep on applying the liner and diffuse it outward with your brush. Do this bit by bit so you can soften the liner before it settles. 

Christmas makeup eyeliner

Now, take your pencil all the way along to the very inner corner. Remember, this doesn't have to be neat; we are going for a diffused appearance.

I chose this green shade as my Christmassy eyeliner, as it reminds me a lot of the festive season. The iridescent finish is perfect for a holiday party.

Tip: Once you’ve done one lash line, go ahead and mimic the same shape on your other eye. 

Using the green eyeliner on the waterline

Then, with the same pencil, run it along your waterlines. You need to build up this color! So layer it a couple of times before the deep opacity comes through. 

Smudging the green eyeliner with a brush

Run the liner underneath the lower lashes and smudge it with a brush. 

Applying dark green eyeshadow

2. Apply green eyeshadow

Take a dark green eyeshadow (one that matches your liner) and pack it on the eyeliner, as shown. If you like the eyeliner on its own, there’s no need to add the eyeshadow, but I want mine to be denser. 

Tip: You can use the eyeshadow to diffuse the whole eye makeup look or even smoke it out. 

Smudging eyeliner in the inner corners

Use what’s left of the bristles to coat the inner corners of your eye. 

Applying false lashes

3. Add false lashes and mascara

A sexy Christmas makeup look definitely needs a set of glam eyelashes! Glue your favorite lashes and let them dry before proceeding to the next step. 

Applying mascara to lashes

Next, apply mascara. 

Applying foundation

4. Apply foundation

Now that your glamorous eyes are done, it’s time to add foundation! I’m using a powder foundation, but of course, you can use whatever you like. 

Tip: I use two different shades of foundation to give my face more dimension. 

Applying contour to the hollows of the cheeks

5. Contour and blush

Now, add some contour to the hollows of your cheeks. 

Applying a soft coral blush

Next, I’m using a soft coral shade for my blush. Of course, this depends on your skin tone, so go ahead and use your favorite blush color. 

Applying orange-red lipstick

6. Orange-red lipstick

I went for a cool bright orange-red shade for my lipstick, and I think it’s perfect for festive makeup looks. 

Sexy Christmas makeup

Sexy Christmas makeup tutorial

You’re ready to go out and party! This sexy Christmas makeup look is sultry and beautiful! I love doing creative Christmas makeup looks since I can use stunning, bold colors. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and good luck! 

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Green eyeliner
  • Green eyeshadow
  • Mascara
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