5 Ways To Resize And Revive Old Clothing And Shoes

30 Minutes

I hope to encourage you NOT to give up on your clothes and shoes so easily. There are ways to bring them back to life after being worn to what you thought was their bitter end.

Give Them A Fresh Color

Most clothing items will fade in color over time.

But don't worry, there is an easy way to make them look brand new!

Use some fabric dye from your local craft store. This is a powder dye that I mixed with hot water and "cooked" my faded black jeans in. It took less than an hour.

And this is the result! Newly darkened jeans.

You'd never know that I've owned these for years.

Swap The Buttons

This trick is one that I LOVE and do to nearly all of my second-hand blazers, coats, and cardigans.

Remove the old plain boring buttons with some scissors.

Using a needle and thread, simply hand sew on any new button that you'd like!

Elevate your piece in less than 10 minutes.

Fix Bent Shoes

If you shoes aren't stored perfectly straight, they'll likely bend in shape over time.

But not to worry, all they need is a little heat.

So use your hair dryer to apply heat to the area you want to warp (or reshape, like the back and sides of slighty-too-tight shoes).

Bend the area back and let them cool in their new shape.

Heel Toppers

I use heels toppers as a preventative measure now... meaning, I put them on brand new pairs of heels to prevent damage, BUT I didn't always know about this handy trick, so my heels got worn down and scraped up through wear.

Using these similarly colored heel covers from Amazon, I'm able to cover up and prevent further damage!

Give this trick a try before throwing out scuffed up heels.

Resize Shoes

Since I only wear second-hand, I can't always get the PERFECTLY sized shoe.

But not to worry, because I have an easy fix.

From the drugstore, I picked up some padded insoles. There are many different kinds and thicknesses, so picked the one that works best with the type of shoe and how much bigger the shoe is.

Now these gorgeous glittery black heels will fit like a charm!

I hope you found use from these 5 ways to revive and resize your old clothes and shoes, but if you want even more tips (like how to resize pants, mend holes, or cover stains) then check out this video:


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  • Julie Julie on Nov 29, 2020

    Love your ideas. I got a issue. I bought moccasins , "tall boots" but the heal inside has broken down and its all flimsy. The part behind your heal.

    Went to a boot / repair , and they said they couldn't fix them. Any ideas.?