DIY: Slippers

by Maria

When I arrive home the first thing I do is taking off my shoes; no matter if they are the most comfortable ones, I need to feel my feet free. That's why a great pair of slippers never miss in my shoe's collection. The ones that I'm customizing in today's DIY are by Silvia Balmaseda, who has created a plain version of her amazing 100% handmade slippers; they were the perfect garment to DIY. My feet are super happy at home now. Let's see how I've personalized them.


- Slippers

- Acrylic paint

- Brushes

- Thread and needle

- Beads

- Newspaper

Fill the slipper with a ball of newspaper. Prepare the different colours of paint to use and start "dotting" the front of the slipper. To create perfect dots, just roll the point of the brush over its own. If you want, try first over a paper.

Start doing the dots with one colour, and then change. I've used just three colours. When all the desired surface is covered with dots, leave it dry for about an hour. When everything is dry, prepare the needle, the thread and the beads to create a delicate and nice border of little cooper balls.

Sew all along the border of the slippers the beads. Hide the ends of the thread inside of it. For a better fixing of the paint to the fabric, iron it, this way the paint will not lighten when washing them. Enjoy your happy feet at home!

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