Give Your Heels a New Look With Ribbon!

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Here is an easy way to update your heels to match any outfit or to create a festive look for an upcoming event or holiday. Ribbon comes in every color and print, It is inexpensive and does not take up as much space as new shoes. Husbands will love that lol!

I wanted to create a cute look for Valentine's Day. I had a button-down shirt with little hearts on it so I wanted to find a ribbon that matched it. I purchased this 2.5" wired ribbon at Walmart for $5 since I was already there and it matched almost perfectly. Normally, I go to Hobby Lobby for it, it is a great place to go for a lot of choices. Plus every other week their ribbon is 50% off, so take advantage of that and stock up on some different colors. With the discount, they run between $2-5 depending on how wide you want it.

The process is very easy. I started with a white shoe since it matched the shirt. I cut 2 strips of ribbon at 30" each.

Put the ribbon under your heel, (you can also put it under the arch of the shoe for a different look) pull, and match up both sides so they are equal lengths.

Cross the 2 sides over to form an X on the front of your foot. Make sure to keep each side even.

Cross the ribbon again behind your ankle and pull each side back to the front.

Tie a small knot and make a bow like you are tying your shoes.

Once tied, make sure the loops are even. I like to use wire ribbon so that I can shape the bow to be more pronounced, although you don't have to, any ribbon will work, but wired will keep it's shape. you just want to make sure to snip any small wire from the ends so it will no irritate the foot. I roll the ends of any excess ribbon into the opening of the bow.

Tah dah!! A new pair of shoes for $5. I usually make a belt or headband out of the leftover ribbon if there is enough left. It's a great way to create a statement shoe for very little money. The options are as endless are there are kinds of ribbons. I am particularly fond of using velvet as it looks stunning, especially for the holidays. You can use whatever width you like to create different looks.

A statement shoe can change the whole look of an outfit. What an easy and inexpensive way to have a one-of-a-kind shoe!



Suggested materials:
  • 1 roll of ribbon   (Walmart)

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