How to Make a Custom Nike Jelly Swoosh With Glitter & Baby Oil

by Sophiesophss
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to take your Air Force 1’s to the next level. You’re going to learn how to make a Nike swoosh in a glittery liquid jelly style.

Get ready for some ASMR with this glitter and sequins jelly swoosh design.

Tools and materials:

  • Nike Air Force 1s
  • Clear vinyl fabric
  • Baby oil
  • Scissors
  • Eyedropper
  • Mini iron
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Tweezers
  • X-Acto knife
  • Acrylic leather paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Matte finisher
  • Straw
  • Parchment paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Barge cement glue
Removing the existing leather Nike swoosh

1. Remove the swoosh

First, take your X-Acto knife and remove the existing Nike swoosh by pulling it forward and cutting the stitching underneath. Then use some tweezers to remove the excess stitching.

How to make a DIY custom Nike swoosh

2. Draw the new swoosh

Next, create the shape for the new swoosh. Grab some painter's tape and tape completely over the swoosh that you just removed.

Then, press around it with your fingers to indent the shape and trace around the whole thing with a pen.

Cutting the Nike swoosh shape out of vinyl

3. Cut

Fold your plastic in half so that the two sides stick together and then place the traced swoosh on top of them.

Proceed to cut around the swoosh about an inch away from the pen lines. You’ll need the extra space for when you melt the two together.

Using a mini iron to seal the swoosh

4. Seal the swoosh

Now that you have a piece of parchment paper cut, turn your mini iron to its hottest setting and run it alongside the swoosh, following the guidelines that you penned down.

You’re basically melting the two pieces of plastic together to create a seal. When you’ve done one side, flip it over and do the same thing on the back side as well.

You’ll know it’s ready when the sides are matte compared to the middle, which is still glossy. 

How to make a custom Nike swoosh

5. Cut open

Next, cut an opening in the back of the swoosh by just snipping a piece off. Remove the tape, and you have your jelly swoosh.

If you sealed it properly, you should be able to run a straw or object through it to unstick the middle part.

DIY Nike Air Force 1 jelly swoosh

6. Add the filling

At this point, you can fill it with anything that your heart desires. I just went with a classic sequin to glitter ratio and used my handy-dandy straw to push them into the plastic.

Next, you’re going to use your eyedropper to inject the swoosh with baby oil. Water might mold over time, so I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Sealing the vinyl Nike swoosh with a mini iron

7. Seal the swoosh

It’s time to seal this baby up, and you’re going to do that by holding the end of the swoosh to the side of a table, placing parchment paper over it, and sealing the last remaining opening.

Painting the Nike shoes with glitter swoosh

8. Attach the swoosh to the shoe and paint

I attached the swoosh to the shoe using a pretty generous amount of barge cement glue and a brush.

Last-minute, I decided that I wanted to paint the shoe and should definitely have done that before gluing. It’s all good, though; I just painted around this bad boy with acrylic leather paint. I went for pink paint to match the color of my pink swoosh.

When you’re doing this DIY, I do recommend painting before gluing. Apply a few coats of paint to get a nice saturation, then top with a matte acrylic finisher.

How to make a Nike swoosh

How to make a Nike swoosh tutorial

Presenting our Nike Air Force 1’s with a glitter jelly swoosh! Not only does the swoosh look banging, but it is so fun to squish down and see all of the glitter and sequins moving about.

I also love how the color that I painted the sneakers perfectly complements the swoosh. I hope you enjoyed this DIY, and my final piece of advice to you is: Just Do It!

Suggested materials:
  • Air Force 1s
  • Clear vinyl fabric
  • Baby oil
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  • Mary Mary on Mar 23, 2022

    What kind of paint is used to avoid it from running with all the different weather ? RAIN ☔️

    • Kelli Kelli on Mar 23, 2022

      She says she used acrylic leather paint.

  • Cindy Cheely Cindy Cheely on Mar 24, 2022

    your foot flexes as you walk, run etc.. how well is that swoosh going to flex with normal athletic wear?