Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes

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Add some extra color to your wardrobe with DIY Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes!

One of our favorite summer activities is tie-dye! There are so many kinds of creative items to add color to, and it's a great activity to keep the kids entertained. Our latest creation was this pair of vibrant Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes. They are quite simple to make, and I absolutely love how they turned out. Since June is Pride month, I thought it only fitting to close it out by sharing a creative rainbow project!

First, you will need to find a pair of white canvas sneakers. They can be any style! You can use pull-ons like the ones I used, or you can use a pair with laces. As long as the shoes are made of a dyeable fabric, you're good to go!

Fill a rainbow of tie-dye bottles with water and shake well to dissolve the dye powders. Protect your workspace with a plastic tablecloth, and make sure you put on the plastic gloves! I also like to keep disposable pans (and lids) around for these kinds of projects to kind of "contain" the mess a little bit.

Rinse the shoes in cold water, and try to wring out any excess. You want the shoes to be damp, but not dripping. Place the shoes into the tray, and make sure everything you need to do for the project is within reach before getting started.

Using one color at a time, create a rainbow (in any order) on your shoes. I started with yellow on the toes, and then used pink next. Keep a little bit of space between each color, because the dye will spread as it soaks in. Dye the other shoe the same way - or work on each shoe at the same time.

As I dyed the shoes as they were sitting flat, most of the dyes started running toward the toe. This was bad, because the other colors were muddying up the yellow! I tipped the shoes at an angle with the toes on the edge of the tray, and that seemed to stop the problem.

Make sure to completely saturate the shoes in color. The more dye you add, the more vibrant it will be! We found it helpful to add colors to each shoe, then go around and repeat the process a couple of times so that the dye had a little time to soak in before adding another coat.

After you're done dying the shoes, dump out any extra dye water that pooled into the sole of the shoes (I had a lot!). Carefully place your tie-dyed items into separate sealed plastic bags or wrap them in plastic wrap. Leave the items in the bags for 8-24 hours. This is an important step because the dye needs time to set and fully absorb into the fabric.

Put on a clean pair of plastic gloves and remove the shoes from the bag. Rinse the shoes in a sink or tub under warm water until the water runs clear to remove excess dye. If you are rinsing multiple items, be sure to keep them separated, because the wet dye will transfer!

Wash your tie-dyed items immediately after rinsing. Set load to large with hot water, and add a small amount of detergent. Hang dry or dry the shoes without a dryer sheet. ALWAYS wash tie-dyed items individually for the next wash or two to prevent dye from bleeding onto other items.

Once the shoes are dried, they are ready to wear! They won't bleed in the rain, and the color has stayed vibrant even though they have been washed a couple of times. My daughter LOVES her new shoes, and has been wearing them all day, every day (even when we're at home).

What do you think of these Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes? Kids love using tie-dye, and will have so much fun making their own shoes in any variety of colors to suit their personal style. As always, I would love to see your creations! Leave me a comment, or tag a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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