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I got an awesome opportunity to be on the Hallmark series Home and Family where I showed you all how to transform your shoes from ordinary to extraordinary in just 30 seconds. This awesome shoe tassel DIY is an easy and affordable way to customize and elevate your shoes!

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Tools and materials:

  • Pair of sneakers/heels
  • Tassels
Shoes with tassels

For this DIY, you will need a pair of heels or sneakers. The most important thing is that there are laces or a strap to attach the tassels.

Buy tassels

I managed to find two different types of tassels online. The smaller loop at the top works perfectly for sneakers and the bigger loop is what you need for heels. 

Unlace your sneakers

Unlace the sneaker

When it comes to sneakers, start by unlacing them to the point where you want to attach the tassel. I usually like to unlace them all the way down to the middle.  

Women’s tassel shoes

Thread on the tassel 

Next, take the end of the shoelace, and thread it through the small loop of the tassel, pulling the shoelace all the way through. I added two different colored tassels onto the same shoelace. It’s fun to play around with color and order but I suggest making your second shoe the exact same way you made the first. 

Add more tassels

You can then go ahead and add a third tassel onto the other shoelace. Once all the tassels are on, just lace up your shoes and that’s all there is to this total shoe transformation!

Dress shoes with tassels

This is the perfect way to elevate your sneaker and take it up a style level. What’s amazing is that this upgrade is totally temporary! If you want your plain sneakers back all you have to do is remove the tassels. 

Add tassels to heels

Attach the tassel to a heel strap

Moving onto heels, it’s important to think about location. You can either attach the tassel to the center front which looks super cute or on the outer side of the shoe strap. 

DIY tassel shoes

To attach the tassel to your heel, you are going to do a simple slip knot through the bigger loop of the tassel straight onto your heel strap. 

Anchor the tassels

If you want to attach more than one tassel, it’s best to attach them all at the same time, hold all of the loops open but make the slip knot using one tassel that will pass through all of the loops to attach them to the shoe. Once the first tassel is through, move on to the next one and repeat this slip knot technique on each tassel until they are all securely attached. Pulling each tassel individually through all the loops really helps to anchor them so that they don’t slide around your shoe strap. 

Tassel formal shoes

If you want to add the tassels to the center back of the shoe, slide the loop over one end of the strap until you reach the middle, then pull the other side of the strap through the loop so that the tassel is firmly attached to the back of the shoe and can’t slide around. 

Make tassel shoes

This DIY is the total upgrade that takes your shoes from ordinary to extraordinary! What pair of shoes would you add these tassels to? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Shoes
  • Tassels

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