Simple Hack. NEVER Reach for the Soap Again.

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Hello upstyle

Everytime I get into the bath or in the shower I always drop the soap whilst latherin my loofah with soap suds.

If in the bath I am always looking around the bottom of the tub, or if in the shower I'd be sick of picking the soap back up. "Silly but true.

So today I am going to make a super soapy loofah that never needs me to reach for the soap again.

Below I call this a puffy loofah

You will need one.

In the middle you will find a piece of ribbon and cord

Cut the cord

Keep the ribbon for later

Now below we open the end up

I make two with this large loofah

(I just cut in the middle once it was opened up)

Get your favourite bar of soap

And slip it inside the loofah

Let the soap bar sit half way down the loofah

Start at the ends and ruffle all the loofah back together

Like so

Use the ribbon and tie it around to

Secure the loofah.

And this one is DONE.

The second loofah I use dove soap bar

The loofah with a knot I mean twist. lol

The puffy loofah once I opened it up and put the soap bar inside I knotted each end

Then I just wrapped it around on itself

Knotting the ends to make it secure

I tuck the ends in so it looks much neater

All done.

Below is the pink soap bar loofah

Below is my knotted dove bar loofah

Hope you try this easy way

to larther your loofah without reaching for the soap all of the time.

It can prevent slips also.

A quick trick.

Thank's for reading


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  • Barbara Phifer Barbara Phifer on Dec 11, 2023

    I also was sick of the “balance soap act”, so I invested in the liquid version of my favorite soap but when I use this bottle up I still have bars and now I have a great gift from you!! Thanks because I will do this next!!!