3 Cute and Simple Hairstyles for a Party

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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In this hairstyling tutorial, I’m going to share with you some simple hairstyles for a party. Each of these hairstyles is gorgeous and very easy to achieve.

If you’ve been looking for inspiration for how to style your hair this festive season, I’ve got just what you need.

Tools and materials:

  • Hairbrush
  • Texturizing spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Curling iron
  • Hair ties 
  • Hairband
  • Bows
  • Hairspray
Spraying hair

1. Messy bun 2.0

1. Brush and spray hair

Brush your hair to make sure it is all detangled, and then spray some texturizing spray all over your hair to give it more volume.

Sectioning hair

2. Section your hair

Next, section off the part of your hair in front of your ears. 

Tying a ponytail-bun

3. Tie a ponytail-bun

Now that you’ve sectioned the hair, what you want to do is create a low ponytail.

It is important that you only use your fingers to do this hairstyle because you want it to be messy, and if you use a brush, it's going to be too neat.

When you start doing your ponytail, don't pass all the hair through the elastic, you want to keep some of it in a bun.

You may have to do this a few times until you're happy with the result. It's one of those hairstyles that is going to be completely different every time you create it, but it's always going to look cute.

If you have long hair, use the ends to cover the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.

Adding a headband

4. Put a headband on

Then put a headband on your hair. I went for a green, linen kind of headband.

Pinning hair

5. Pin back the front parts

After this, take the front sections, pass them back and pin them on top of the bun.

Remember that the idea of this hairstyle is that it's very effortless and very messy.

Secure your hair with a bobby pin, and make sure you're not pulling too much and that is still loose and messy.

Afterwards, I like to pull a few strands of hair around my face just to frame it and make the look more casual.

Messy bun 2.0

Here is the first hairstyle complete. I love how it looks, it’s hard to explain the style but it's super easy to create.

2. Bubble bow

Tying a half ponytail

1. Tie a half ponytail

Section off the top layer of your hair and tie it into a high half-ponytail.

For this section, you can use a brush and make it look as perfect as you want.

Adding a bow

2. Add a bow

Over the top of the hair tie, place a black bow.

The one I’m using has an elastic attached but feel free to use one that has a clip or another accessory if you want.

Tying a ponytail

3. Tie a ponytail

For the next part, you want to use elastics that are a similar color to the bow that you're using just to make it look a little bit more cohesive.

Create a low ponytail with all of the hair.

Pulling out the hair

4. Pull out the hair

Then pull out hair, just from the ponytail that has the bow at the top, not from the sides.

Adding another elastic

5. Add another elastic

We're going to create a bubble braid, so put in another elastic and then pull hair out from the ponytail to make a bubble.

Creating bubble braid

6. Repeat

Repeat this until you reach the end of your hair. If you want, feel free to pull out some hair in the front.

Bubble bow

I absolutely love this hairstyle, I think it's super cute.

3. Gentle curls

Removing elastics

1. Remove the elastics

For the next hairstyle, remove all of the elastics from the last style, but keep the half up without the bow.

Curling hair

2. Curl hair

Take a thick curling iron and curl thick sections of your hair. Curl everything outwards, always away from the face.

Pinned curl

3. Pin the curls

Once you’ve curled one section, don't let the curl go, just pin it with a bobby pin and let it rest and cool that way.

Pinned hair

4. Curl and pin the rest

Continue to curl and pin the rest of your hair and when you’ve finished, apply a light layer of hairspray.

When your hair has cooled, remove the rest of the bobby pins and brush your hair out gently.

Adding bow

5. Add a bow

Add a big, statement bow on top of the hair tie.

Gentle curls hairstyle

And the third look is complete! I love the soft curls and the great big organza bow.

Simple hairstyles for a party

There we have our three simple party hairstyles. With gorgeous looks as easy to pull together as these, you have no excuse for not making your hair look magnificent.

Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Hairbrush
  • Texturising spray
  • Bobby pins
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