How I Created These Simple White Nails

Irina Reina
by Irina Reina

If you are getting back to doing your nails after a long hiatus, like me, then join me in this nail journey to create simple white nails.

White gel polish might look simple, but simple is glamorous, so let’s get started!

Filing nails

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1. Prepare your nails

Use a nail polish remover to get rid of any old nail polish.

If you are using a nail drill, gently buff the top layer of your nails to remove any residue.

File your nails to the desired shape using a nail file. Be gentle with weak or damaged nails, especially if any nails are close to breaking.

Wash your hands thoroughly to remove all dust and debris from filing. Ensure your nails are clean and dry before proceeding.

Painting nails white

2. Apply first coat of polish

Start with a thin layer of white nail polish. I am using dip polish.

Use a tiny brush for precision, especially around the edges.

Allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next.

Simple white nails

3. Build up layers

Apply a second and third layer of white nail polish for opacity, but remember to brush off excess powder between layers.

If the polish appears patchy, consider adding a fourth layer. Ensure each layer is thin to avoid a thick, uneven finish.

Painting nails white

4. Add top coat

Once you are satisfied with the white nail polish, apply a quick layer of top coat to seal and protect your nails.

Allow the top coat to dry completely.

5. Final touches

After applying the top coat, clean up any excess polish around your nails using a small brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Moisturize your hands and cuticles to keep them looking healthy and hydrated.

Simple white nails

Simple white nails

Take your time and don’t rush the process of your nail journey. Allow each layer to dry completely to achieve a smooth and professional finish.

By following these steps, you can achieve a beautiful white nail manicure at home.

Enjoy your newly polished, cute, simple white nails and take pride in the effort you put into your self-care routine!

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