How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt Into a Skirt You Can Actually Wear

5 Materials
30 Minutes

If you’ve ever looked at your Christmas tree skirt and thought, "that would look absolutely fabulous on me," you’re in luck! Today, I’m going to show you how to make a Christmas tree skirt into an actual skirt.

We’re going to turn this fun and versatile holiday décor into a skirt you could actually wear. It’s easy to thrift and easy to make, so you can rock a new festive statement piece as you rock around the Christmas tree!

Tools and materials

  • Thrifted Christmas tree skirt
  • Pants that fit comfortably around the waist
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
Sewing the open edges of the tree skirt

1. Stitch the tree skirt

First, find the open edges of the tree skirt and stitch them together to fashion it into a wearable skirt.

DIY Christmas tree skirt

Make sure you sew with the right sides facing to hide the seams.

Measuring the waist for the Christmas skirt

2. Measure your waist to determine where to cut

Assuming your waist and hips aren’t identical to the circumference of a Christmas tree, which I don’t think they are, you’re going to need to make the hole at the top a bit wider so you can fit into it properly.

There’s no need to measure here; you can simply eyeball it. Hold it up to your body and use your fingers to gauge where you’ll need to cut the fabric for the new hole.

Cutting a waistband for the skirt

Use pins to mark both sides. Setting the fabric down, with the pins as a guide, cut out a semi-circle shape.

Adjusting the size of the Christmas skirt

3. Try on the skirt to test its size and adjust as needed

After you cut the hole, try on the skirt to make sure you can put it on and take it off your body with ease. If it’s too tight, cut off a little more and test it again until it’s just right.

Cutting a new waistband from old pants

4. Cut the waistband from the pants

Once the waist hole is wide enough, grab your pants. I went with a pair of velvet green pants that were already in desperate need of an upcycle, and it matched the festive theme perfectly.

Cut a couple of inches above the crotch seam to turn the pants into a comfortable waistband for your skirt.

Attaching the new waistband to the skirt

5. Attach the waistband to the skirt

Finally, place the waistband into the skirt with the right sides facing and the raw edges lined up.

Stitch the waistband and the skirt together with a wide, tight zigzag stitch. This will preserve the stretch you’ll need to make sure it slides on and off your body easily.

DIY Christmas tree skirt into a skirt

How to make a Christmas tree skirt into a skirt tutorial

Once it’s stitched together nicely, flip it right side out and you’re done! A quilted holiday tree skirt makes for an incredibly comfy and soft skirt to keep you nice and cozy for the winter.

What do you think of this festive DIY transformation? Let me know in the comments below.

DIY Christmas tree skirt ideas

Suggested materials:
  • Thrifted Christmas tree skirt
  • Pants that fit comfortably around the waist
  • Scissors
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