How to Turn a Tablecloth Into a Skirt

Here’s a quick, no-sew way to put together a stylish summer outfit in a few minutes.

Borrow a white dress shirt from your man and a crochet table runner from your grandmother.

Be the star of the evening!

Tools and materials: 

  • Man’s oversize white dress shirt
  • Rectangular lace or crochet table runner
  • 2 or more fabric strips or lengths of ribbon
  • Chain belt (optional)
Lace tablecloth

1. The table runner

It needs to be long enough to wrap around you completely with an overlap, and wide enough to wear as a skirt.

Wrapping the tablecloth

2. Wrap it

Wear the shirt, making sure it’s long enough to act as a lining to the skirt.

Wrapping the tablecloth

Take the tablecloth behind your back and wrap it around your waist.

Place the front opening wherever you want, in the center or to one side.

Tying the tablecloth

3. Top tie

Thread a strip of fabric or length of ribbon through both layers of the outer edge skirt at the waist edge, from the back to the front.

Tying the tablecloth

Take the end back through the skirt from front to back.

Tying the tablecloth

Tie it securely on the inside and tuck it out of sight.

Tying the tablecloth

4. Lower tie

Hold the two edges of the overlap together where they meet at the bottom of the skirt.

Tying the tablecloth

Thread both ends of a second strip through the edges from front to back, catching a small amount of the lace in the loop.

Tie them together on the inside as before.

Adding a belt

Tying the tablecloth

And we're done! Optionally, wrap a chain belt around your waist or pin a clip to the outer top edge of the skirt.

If you don’t have a suitable shirt, you could wear this over a plain mini skirt or slip dress.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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