Infinity Scarf Tutorial- Upcycled Skirt

Infinity Scarf Tutorial – make your own scarf in less than half an hour out of an old much loved skirt.

I found a lovely and soft cotton skirt in my local charity shop, which I just had to go back for (a bargain at £2.99)

To make your own:

Cut off the waistband and stretched out the fabric.

Cut the skirt 46cm up from the hem.

Cut down one of the seams to create a long rectangular shape. Mine measures 155cm, which creates a scarf you can wrap round twice, aim for 190 cm if you would like a scarf that wraps round three times.

Fold right sides together along the long edges.

Stitch together.

Turn right side out.

You now have one long tube of fabric, to create the circle pin up the raw edges.

Machine stitch along as much as your machine will reach.

Hand stitch the final piece of edges together.

One finished scarf:)

I have to admit that I am rather chuffed with my bargain fashion item… I have been craving some gorgeous print fabrics at £16/meter for patterns spotted on the internet suggesting 186cm length.. nearly £32 for a scarf. Definitely outside of my budget. Coupled with no knowledge of the source of fabric, labour conditions or dyes used. My remake upcycled new wardrobe item seems highly appropriate for the one year anniversary of the death of factory workers in Bangladesh.

“Today is the first anniversary of the collapse of a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which collapsed leaving 1,133 men, women and children dead, over 2500 injured and at least 800 children orphaned. To mark this fateful day, today is Fashion Revolution Day in 50 countries today leading figures in the fashion world are supporting the initiative, which aims to challenge consumers to ask where their clothes are made, and under what conditions.”

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