You’ll Love This Simple Tutorial on How to Make a Pencil Skirt

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I asked my followers what they’d like me to sew next and mostly everyone voted for the DIY Pencil skirt. How do you make a pencil skirt, you may ask? It’s not as tedious or complex as it seems. Also, a pencil skirt is an essential item that really does not go out of fashion- like ever. So it’s worth investing a little time and a few dollars to get the basic pencil skirt that will suit your shape. Without much babbling, let’s get to it because you are going to be wowed by the result!

Tools and materials:

  • Pins
  • Fabric
  • Pencil Skirt Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Interfacing (optional)
  • Iron
DIY pencil skirt

Lay out the pattern and pin in place

I used a lovely knit material as it's super-cute but you can obviously use any material of your choice. Lay out your fabric, with the front side up. Place your easy pencil skirt patterns and pin in place. Mark your darts; these will look like clean cut folded lines in the front of your pencil skirt.


The front part of the skirt is cut on the fold, so place the front part on the fold line as shown.

Simple pencil skirt

Cut out your pencil skirt pattern

After everything is in place, cut out your pencil skirt pattern. I personally added some extra length to my pencil skirt as I am tall and I didn’t want it looking like a mini skirt. If the same applies to you, feel free to lengthen it as you wish.

Easy pencil skirt

Pin and sew your darts

Let’s get the darts out the way. Pin your darts on one side so that you have a clear guideline on where they are placed while you sew them in.

Sew along the pins

Next, sew them together, along the pins that you placed.

Sewn darts on pencil skirt

This is how your darts should look once complete.


Ok, so this is a golden rule and you should never forget this when sewing. Always iron your fabric pieces before sewing. You don’t want anything puckering up or sitting out of place. Plus, it will help you get a clean sew that stays true to the measurements.

How to sew a pencil skirt

Pin side seams and sew

Pin your side seams together. Make sure the right sides are together and that you haven’t placed the left side to the right. Then, sew along the side seams on both sides.

Women’s pencil skirt

Sew the waistband

Making a really elegant waistband is the last step. Make sure you have 4 pieces. Pair two pieces together ( back with back, front with the front) by pinning them in the center.


I didn’t have interfacing fabric but I wish I did. It really is important. Interfacing your waistband will give it a sturdier hold around your waist.

Waist band on pencil skirt

Sew pieces together

Sew your front and back pieces together.

Basic pencil skirt

Attach the waistband to your skirt

After your waistband pieces are sewn, pin them to your skirt and make sure the pieces are on the right side, don’t sew the left to the right side of the skirt. That could really be a hot mess! Once the pins are placed, go ahead and sew the waistband to your simple pencil skirt. Iron it again once complete, and you're done!

Stylish DIY pencil skirt

This is how it looks and I am so pleased with the results. It is stylish, trendy, and I love the color! The result is amazing and it really is worth the effort. I hope you enjoyed my DIY pencil skirt tutorial. Now you can make the exact same at home and dress your best!

Suggested materials:
  • Pins
  • Fabric
  • Pencil skirt pattern
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