You Won’t Believe This Almost-No-Sew, No Pattern, Fancy Party Skirt!

4 Materials
30 Minutes

I have the best TIP for Whipping Up a Fancy and Sassy Outfit for All the Holidays…It begins with this beautiful Embellished Fabric.

Hello Rich Black Netting with Royal Blue and Gold Florals!


The fabric is about 60″ wide. Folded in half, the fabric is 30″….perfect skirt length.

Similar Embellished Fabric…Amazon LINK.

One layer of fabric is sheer…a bit too sheer…and flimsy. Keeping it folded makes it opaque and gives it a bit of heft.

Now Measure the fabric by wrapping it loosely around your body about 2 times.

That should give you enough drape and swishes. How much swish is up to you!

With the fabric FOLDED, Cut through the 4 layers.

Here are the 4 layers…keeping right sides facing out. The right sides of the fabric will also be on the inside of the skirt.

Take your time…Fold over the cut ends to create a neat and tidy seam. Pin and Sew.

Leave a 1 inch opening at the top of the skirt – at the folded edge…this is the Waistband.

The seam is the back of the skirt.

Here is the opening at the fold…I used 1/4″ elastic for the waist. The elastic will be inserted into the opening.

1/4″ Elastic…Amazon LINK.

But first, Sew a 1″ channel to hold the elastic in place.

Now thread the elastic through the waistband. Smooth like Butter.

A TRICK FOR WORING WITH EMBELLISHED FABRIC...rather than cutting the elastic and sewing the elastic closed, I knot the ends of the elastic and tuck into the skirt. The embellished fabric can get heavy and sometimes stretch the elastic. By knotting the elastic, you can re-tie when needed for a secure fit.

For the Holidays, I’m going 1950’s Retro with a Petticoat….Love the Rustle!

Retro Black Net Petticoat…Amazon LINK.

Black Lace Leggings…Amazon LINK.

No Hemming Required! The salvage edge is the hem and gives some length to the skirt.

That’s It! 30 Minutes to a New You…a New Look!

Here’s to the Holidays!

One Swishy, Sparkly Moment at the Time!

I may not be the best seamstress…but I sure have fun creating Simple Designs with Lots of Wow!

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Suggested materials:

  • Embellished Fancy Fabric   (Amazon)
  • 1/4" Elastic   (Amazon)
  • Black 1950's Retro Petticoat   (Amazon)
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