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Lauren O'Connell shares her thoughts on the benefits of "slugging" for maintaining moisturized and healthy-looking skin.

She explains that slugging involves applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the skin, which acts as a barrier to seal in the beneficial ingredients used in night-time skincare routines.

In her evening skincare routine, Lauren massages the Vaseline into her skin, emphasizing how it helps retain the effectiveness of other products like retinol, peptides, and antioxidants by preventing them from escaping or rubbing off.

Moreover, the Vaseline keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized by preserving the creams and lotions within the skin layers.

She highlights that this process helps minimize fine lines, particularly under the eyes, and gives the skin a plumper and healthier appearance.

However, Lauren advises against slugging for individuals with oily or acne-prone skin, as it may seal in excess oil and potentially exacerbate breakouts.

Her primary concern revolves around addressing fine lines and wrinkles, for which she occasionally utilizes Botox treatments.

Slugging with Vaseline complements these treatments by sealing in moisture, providing protection, and ensuring hydration throughout the night. Lauren has rediscovered the benefits and intends to continue incorporating this practice into her skincare routine.

Additionally, she suggests that those struggling with chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on their side can apply Vaseline to help minimize their appearance.


Lauren acknowledges that slugging can have an impact on the appearance of one's bed linens.

To address this, she shares her personal habit of changing her silk pillowcase nightly or every two nights, considering it beneficial for both the skin and the slugging process.

She emphasizes that a small amount of Vaseline is sufficient, as applying an excessive amount would lead to product build-up.

Easy slugging routine

Lauren concludes that slugging with Vaseline is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to moisturize the skin and advises not to forget the lips in the process!

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