3 Cute and Easy Snapchat Halloween Costumes

Ella Elbells
by Ella Elbells
18 Materials
10 Minutes

I’m going to show you some DIY Snapchat filter Halloween costumes and makeup tutorials. I tried to make them as easy as possible to recreate. Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Face paint
  • Eyeshadow
  • Paint brushes
  • Makeup brushes
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner or eyeshadow pencil
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Two headband
  • Yellow top
  • Iron-on transfer sheets
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • False lashes
  • Brown foam
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pink felt
  • Glue
Applying yellow face paint for bee filter costume

Bee filter

1. Draw a mask

Use some yellow face paint to create a mask shape around your eyes. 

Applying orange eyeshadow

2. Apply orange eyeshadow

Next, take some bright orange eyeshadow and fill in your eyebrows. Put a bit of eyeshadow above your eyebrows as well.

Use the orange eyeshadow to outline the mask, specifically the parts next to the outer and inner corners of your eye.

Applying white face paint

3. Apply white face paint

Apply white face paint above your eyebrows as well as below the inner corners of your eyes.

Also, apply some of it where you’d put the highlight shade on your cheekbones. Before it dries, use your finger to blend it.

Applying blush

4. Apply blush

Apply a bright blush to the top parts of your cheeks in a straight line.

Drawing lines on cheeks

5. Draw lines on cheeks

Take a thick eyeliner or eyeshadow pencil in black and draw two lines on each of your cheeks.

Then, apply yellow face paint right above each of those lines.

Applying white eyeliner

6. Apply white eyeliner

Apply white eyeliner on the ends of the yellow part. Blend it so that it looks like a highlight.

Adding dots

7. Draw dots

With white face paint, create some dots around your nose, inner cheek area, and above your lips.

Completed Snapchat bee filter makeup

That is how you do a super easy Snapchat bee filter makeup look!

For the costume, I’m wearing some bee antennae which are basically just some black pipe cleaners attached to a headband.

I paired them with yellow top with the snapchat logo on it, which I made using some iron-on transfer sheets.

Pop art filter

1. Draw lines on face

Take a black eyeliner pencil and draw two lines on either side of your face around the apple of your cheeks area.

Draw a half-circle under your lips to represent a chin. Draw a little bit down the side of the bridge of your nose on one side. Then, go all the way down the bridge of your nose on the other side and round that line at the bottom.

Also, create two small lines on the sides of your nose as well as two more just above the cupid's bow.

Lastly, draw a squiggly line in between your eyebrows.

Coloring eyebrows

2. Color your eyebrows

Now, outline your brows with liquid eyeliner. Have them pointed towards the middle of your face and use an eyeliner pencil to fill in your eyebrows the rest of the way.

Drawing wings

3. Draw wings

With liquid eyeliner, draw a dramatic wing on your upper lash line. Draw a diagonal line starting from the middle of your eyelid crease, going towards the center of your eyebrows.

Drawing teardrop

4. Draw the teardrop

With an eyeliner pencil, line your lash line on one of your eyes. On the other, draw a squiggly teardrop shape.

Fill it in with blue eyeliner. Use that same blue eyeliner to outline the wings. Then, use a white eyeliner pencil to highlight the teardrop.

Painting lips

5. Paint your lips

Apply some bright red lipstick. Then, use a black liquid liner to outline your lips and draw some lines in the center.

Adding false lashes

6. Apply false lashes

Completed pop-art filter look

Here is the finished pop-art filter look! Wear a Snapchat top so that everyone knows what you’re dressed as.

Making Snapchat dog filter ears

Dog filter

1. Make the outer ears

To make the dog ears, fold a piece of brown foam paper in half. Then, trace the shape of a bunny ear.

Cut that out of the foam paper, unfold it, and cut that in half so you have two ears.

Making Snapchat dog filter ears

2. Make the inner part

Take some pink felt, fold it in half and trace a smaller version of the shapes of the brown ear part.

Then cut the shapes, take some glue to the back of the pink part and stick them onto the brown part of the ear.

Making Snapchat dog filter ears

3. Attach to the headband

Flip the ears over, place a headband on top of them and apply some glue around the headband.

Fold the foam over the headband so the ears can stay on. Then, apply some glue to the middle of the pink part and fold them over.

Creating Snapchat dog filter nose

4. Color nose

Trace around your nose with a brown eyeliner pencil, pointing it off at the bottom.

Then, fill it in with eyeliner and blend it out with an eyeshadow brush.

Drawing snout

5. Draw snout

With the brown eyeliner pencil, draw an oval shape around your nose. Draw a small peak when you get to the middle of the bottom of your nose.

Filling in the snout

6. Fill in the snout

Fill in that area with light brown eyeshadow.

After that, go in with a darker shade of brown and use that to fill in the lower half of the snout, creating an ombre effect.

Use black eyeshadow to shade the bottom part of the snout. I also added some orange eyeshadow.

Adding more color to nose

7. Add more color to the nose

Use black eyeshadow to fill in the nose area to create some more contrast between the snout and the nose.

Add white eyeshadow to the tip of the nose and the top of the snout. Then, blend it out.

Adding dots

8. Draw dots

Finish it off by drawing some dots on the snout with black eyeliner.

Completed Snapchat dog filter costume

To rock this costume, all you have to do is stick your tongue out a lot and wear a Snapchat t-shirt.

Snapchat Halloween costume

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween Snapchat makeup tutorial. Let me know which look is your favorite in the comments!

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  • Eyeshadow
  • Paint brushes
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