New, Old, Borrowed & Blue: How to Make Cute Frilly Socks for a Bride

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Something new, old, borrowed, and blue! I’m sure you’re all familiar with this tradition, and I decided to spice things with the “something blue” part for my brother’s wife. She asked me to make some cute frilly socks that would peek out the top of her cowboy boots!

We decided to make it her 'something blue' for the day. In this quick wedding tutorial, I’ll show you how to customize beautiful socks into a unique “something blue” garment. So, if you're stuck and need instant inspo, then keep reading to get inspired by this lovely wedding tradition.

Tools and materials:

  • High long white socks
  • Lace trim
  • Needle
  • White thread
  • Scissors
  • Blue fabric dye
Dying the frilly lace blue

1. Dye the lace

Add a couple of blue fabric dye drops to the lace trim, ensuring the trim is soaked in dye.

Mixing the dye

I’d also recommend that you wear gloves (unlike me). 

Rinsing the dye for a pale blue color

You only need to let the dye sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing iit out. As you can see, I’m going for a pale blue color. Of course, let it sit for longer if you want it darker. Let the lace dry before sewing it onto the sock. 

Attaching the lace trim to the socks

2. Attach the lace

Now, place the edge of the lace trim to the sock. Keep in mind that the top of the sock stretches, so you’ll need more lace than just the circumference of the sock. 

Sewing the lace to the socks

While sewing the lace to the sock, it’s vital to stretch the top of the sock as much as possible as you’re feeding it through the machine. Of course, you can hand stitch it as well; I just thought this was easier. 

How to add lace trim to socks

This is what it looks like, a nice ruffled top for the sock. This is exactly what my brother’s wife was looking for!

Attaching a second layer of lace trim

I went back and did a second layer of lace. I hand-stitched this one; I found it easier since the first top layer was already in place. This adds a cute extra ruffle, and I think it’s super cute. 

DIY frilly lace trim socks

How to make frilly socks

How to make frilly socks

That’s it! Sweet and simple. This is obviously just one option you can do for something “blue”. Another great idea is to do a blue garter with blue lace trim.

Also, this wedding DIY is pretty versatile since you can eliminate a few steps to make it easier, like purchasing blue lace and even stretchy lace. My sister-in-law did say the socks were a bit tight, so it would be nice to have something stretchy from the get-go.

Thanks for joining me, and good luck! 

Suggested materials:
  • High long white socks
  • Lace trim
  • Needle
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