The Easiest DIY Socks You’ll Ever Make!

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Join me on this awesome sewing adventure where I’m going to show you how to sew DIY socks. DIY socks are great because you can get that snug, cozy fit every time! I will also supply you with a DIY socks pattern, so you won’t need to go scouring the internet or your local sewing store for one. I have it all covered! I also want to add that this is a great way to use up all your scrap fabrics! So get your materials ready and let’s make a pair of socks, baby!

Tools and materials:

  • Thread
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Snips
  • 4 piece pattern that you can get here
  • Fabric
How to make DIY socks

Let’s talk about the fabric

I am going to be using a purple sweater knit fabric but you can use any fabric that has a bit of stretch to it. You need to be aware of how the grain lines and the stretch works so that you get the perfect dimension. I will list more tips later on.

How to sew DIY socks

Make the pattern

Download your pattern and cut it out. As you can see, mine is on cardboard and your pattern will probably be on printer paper- that’s totally fine. As long as you have a pattern to work with!

Easy DIY socks

Cut out the fabric

Lay the pattern out on your fabric, and let's double-check our grain lines. Make sure the stretch is going across the pattern on the skinny side. The band should be laid out lengthways, as shown.

Let's confirm-

The fabric is stretching across the pattern, and the grain lines run through the fabric, lengthways.

Make DIY socks

Grab your rotary cutter or scissors and cut it out.

Make a pair of socks

You should have two of everything.

Sew DIY socks

Mark the notches

Grab your chalk and mark the notches. Go ahead and mark on both pieces. This is indicating where we need to sew the heel. Remember to flip it over and mark the other side.

Make a pair of socks

Use the serger

Now that everything is ready go ahead and use the serger. If you don't have a serger, don't worry! You can use the zigzag stitch too. The first thing you are going to sew is the bottom and the back top together. Place your fabric right sides facing, and make sure to line up the little notches. Then, sew the pieces together- notch to notch.

DIY socks pattern

Next, grab your front sock and place the toe curve on the top of the curve, as shown. Next, start from the top and serge all the way around the entire sock.


When you get to the heel part you just serged in the previous step, fold it to the side so that it doesn't get caught.

Make the top band

Sew the top band

Now that the sock is somewhat complete, there's just another step to do, and that's sewing the top band. Take your top band, fold it in half, right sides together and sew the edge.

Fold the top band

Next, take the tube, fold it wrong sides together, and that way, you have the right sides facing out.

Assemble sock and top band

Now, attach the band to the sock by layering up all three layers and lining up the side seams accordingly. Next, sew the layers together, and keep lining up all your layers as you stitch around the circumference.

Lovely DIY sock

Repeat the process

Don't forget to sew the other sock, because there's no use in just one sock, right?

Comfy DIY socks

And here they are, a lovely pair of socks that you made yourself. Isn't it fantastic? These DIY socks are so easy to sew and fun, too. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and now you know how to make DIY socks that you can wear around the house or lounge around in.

Suggested materials:
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
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