How To Style Your Basic Essentials With Spring Colors

by Iam.morganb

Spring officially begins on March 20, 2021 and it is time to bring the spring colors out. According to Pantones website, the official spring colors for 2021 are: Marigold, Cerulean (light blue), Rust, Illuminating (bright yellow), French blue, Mint, Green Ash, Burnt Coral, Amethyst Orchid, and Raspberry Sorbet. Today on the blog, I am showing you how to style 3 of these beautiful spring colors to add to your wardrobe and pair with your basic items.

Style 1: Jeans

My favorite basic essential to start with is jeans. Jeans have been my ultimate fav since I came out of the womb. That is all I wore through school and even as an adult. You can own one pair and have so many different styles that people will not know it is the only pair you have.

I chose to pair my jeans with a yellow (Marigold) thrifted blazer that I found at my local thrift store. This blazer made the outfit standout, and made me feel excited. I did not want to add too much color to the look, because I wanted the attention focused on the blazer. Style tip: To gain attention to a certain area of your body, wear a color or print to direct attention to that area.

Adding the color white to the look gave it a more simple clean look. The bag and shoes were also thrifted from my local thrift store and the earrings came from Forever 21 years ago. How would you rate this look…. Yay or Nay?

Style 2: Black Cami Top

Another basic essential is the solid cami top. These top come in super handy when you are unsure of what to wear, or if you just want something simple because you are going to “Style Up” the look with accessories. Owning every color you can is a must, but the basic colors are a start… like this black cami top.

I switched the jeans to these blue (French Blue) pants that I also thrifted from my local thrift store. This look is called color blocking. Color blocking is when you pair two different solid bright colors together. Color blocking is definitely a great look for this Spring.

Style 3: Leopard Print Skirt

The last basic essential to pair with your Spring colors is leopard. If you do not own leopard anything… sis, you are missing out. Check out my last blog post here why leopard print is important to have in your closet.

The Spring color purple (Amethyst Orchid) was a vibrant color to pair with this leopard skirt. This top is a button down, but to add a little spice I styled the top into a one shoulder top. Pairing with a gold chain belt to match the gold accent buttons on the top. Both top and belt are thrifted.

If you are not a fan of long skirts, then you can tie up the skirt. I learned this skirt hack from an Instagram follower, @ieshathegr8. Tie the skirt using a shoe string or a rubber band. I tried to hide the shoe string better, but it did not work (lol). Follow her page for more hacks to “Style Up”.

This concludes our topic on how to pair spring colors with your basic essentials. I did not want to overload you too much, but just give you a snippet on what you can do with these few styles. These looks and colors are interchangeable so pair them to your liking. To learn more about the basic essentials, you can visit here. I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below your thoughts and if you would like a part 2. Now go “Style Up” your life!

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  • You're just lovely Morgan! I'd love to see how you converted that button-down top into a one shoulder.



  • Diane Gerstenmaier Fleig Diane Gerstenmaier Fleig on Apr 24, 2021

    Love your color pops...Im older and would not wear the shoulder shirt but looks pretty on you.Great idea... I don't have the confidence to wear the skirt and top but I will definitely rock the jacket and jeans,love it💖