Learn How to Create These Incredible Stained Glass Nails

by RoseDIY13

If you’re looking for a bold and colorful nail design, try out these stained glass nails with me. Just follow along with this easy-to-follow stained glass nail design.

Here are the bright colors that will make up this stained glass nail art.

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Tools and materials:

  • Protective manicure gloves
  • Born Pretty Neon Garden Jelly Set (or a similar product)
  • Nail lamp
  • Liner paint gel in gold and black
  • Super top coat
Born Pretty Neon Garden Jelly Set

1. Apply your first coat of each color in diagonal sections

Paint on a green, diagonal section at the end of your nails. You can alternate directions on each nail for variety.

Painting nails

Add a yellow diagonal section to each nail, adjacent to the green, being careful not to overlap the colors. You can leave a small line empty between the different colors since we’ll fill that in later with other polish.

Painting nails

Continue filling in your stained glass nails with red.

Painting nails

Next, add a section of glue to each nail.

Painting nails

Fill in the last section with purple polish.

Painting nails

2. Cure the first coat

Cure your first coat of this stained glass nail design for 1 minute.

Curing the nails

3. Apply a 2nd coat and cure

Apply a 2nd coat of each color to enhance the bright color of this nail design, doing your best to not to overlap different colors.

Painting nails

Then cure the nails for another minute.

Curing the nails

4. Apply black liner paint gel and cure

Apply liner paint gel between the sections of color in the stained glass nail design.

Lining the nails

Then use the liner paint around the circumference of each nail.

Lining the nails

Then cure for 1 minute.

Curing the nails

These stained glass nails are really taking shape!

Stained glass nails progress shot

5. Apply gold liner paint gel and cure

Apply gold on top of the black liner gel.

Applying gold liner

Don’t forget to line the perimeter with gold too. Then cure for another minute.

Applying gold liner

6. Apply super top coat

Apply a thin layer of super top coat to all the nails.

Applying top coat

Then cure for a final minute.

Curing the nails

Then enjoy your gorgeous, stained glass nail art!

Stained glass nails
Stained glass nails

Stained glass nails

Let me know where you would rock these stained glass nails in the comments! Next, try this hot pink French tip nail design tutorial with me.

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