4 Super Easy Step-by-step Hairstyles to Wear to Bed

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Today, I would like to share a few tips with you on ways you can wear your hair to bed for women with thin, fine hair.

Let’s get started with these step-by-step easy hairstyles for bed!

Tools and materials:

  • Phone cord hair elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • Sock donut

It can be quite hard to figure out a hairstyle that is ideal for your hair type to wear to bed.

For example, a tip that is often given is to wear it in a braid for bed. But, for me personally, I have pretty thin hair, and wearing my hair to bed in a braid doesn't work at all. If I do that, I will wake up with super crimped hair and with straight ends.

1. Loose bun

Tie your hair into a high bun with a phone cord hair elastic.

To do this, put your head forward, and gather all of your hair. You don’t need to bother to make it smooth, in fact, I feel like it's a lot better to leave it a little bit loose.

Pull your hair into a bun and wrap the elastic around it. 

Loose bun

You will have a wobbly, loose, high-top bun, and this is, for me, the most comfortable way to carry over a set of curls.

So when I have curled my hair and want the look to last until the next day, this is what works best for me. The phone cord hair elastic will prevent a crease or a dent from forming in the hair.

Because this is such a loose bun, it doesn't hurt or put pressure on the scalp or your roots, so it won't damage your hair. And because it is right on top of your head, you can sleep in any position. 

2. Wrapped bun

Wrapped bun

Another thing I like to do when my hair isn't yet styled and I want it to look a little bit nice in the morning, is I will again gather it all on top of my head.

Then start twisting your hair into a simple bun and pin this with a few pins. 

Wrapped bun

Again this will balance on top of your head, so it has all the benefits of the previous look, and this style will for sure not make a crease because there is no elastic at all.

If you find that your hair creases even with the phone-cord elastic, this style would be great for you. When I take my hair down the next day, it looks slightly wavy and really pretty and flattering. 

3. Sock donut

Sock donut

For the next look, tie a high ponytail on top of your head with the phone-cord elastic, don't make it too tight.

Then take a sock donut which is just a sock with a tip cut off, and then rolled into a donut shape. 

Sock donut

Slide it onto the bottom of your hair and then wrap the ends around the sock.

Then, start twisting it towards the base of your ponytail while simultaneously trying to spread out the hair across the donut to create a pretty bun.

Sock donut

If you spray your hair with a little bit of water before you do this, then your curls will hold for hours the next morning, and they will look so gorgeous.

4. Rope braid

Rope braid

If you are not a fan of wearing your hair up and you still want to do something with it before bed that is not braiding, then I recommend doing just a very loose rope braid.

Split your hair into two and then wrap the sections around each other. 

Rope braid

Then tie the ends with a phone cord elastic or a soft hair tie that won't make a dent in your hair. 

Rope braid

This way, your hair is all tied together, but the rope braid isn't tight enough to create any waves or kinks in your hair the next morning.

Styling bangs for bed

Step-by-step easy hairstyles for bed

These are the 4 ways I like to wear my hair to bed to make sure it looks nice in the morning and doesn't get damaged too much during the night!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave a comment down below. Which hairstyle do you prefer?

Suggested materials:
  • Phone cord hair elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • Sock donut

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  • Amber scott Amber scott on Jan 25, 2023

    Where is the end results?

  • Vallaree Spires Vallaree Spires on Jan 25, 2023

    I’ll try thiS too, my hair is so fine nothing works, or looks good in the morning. Lol

    • Lori Barrack Lori Barrack on Jan 26, 2023

      Try doing one of these with wet/damp hair. I have baby fine hair and if I want more volume I do it with wet/damp hair and it comes out great. Sometimes I add a hair styling creme to give it some extra oomph or whatever works best with your hair.