14 Sophisticated Chunky Loafers Outfits for a Real 90s Vibe

Stompy, bold and eye-catching, chunky loafers are perfect for giving it some attitude. Buy a pair for yourself and check out this lookbook to pick up some ideas for style them. Here are 12 chunky loafers outfits to give you some inspiration for how to wear chunky loafers.

Black chunky loafers for women

I love chunky platform shoes, whether they be boots or loafers, and in this tutorial, I’m going to show you my favorite ways to style a pair of chunky loafers.

90s-style chunky loafers are in fashion

Gucci recently came out with a stunning pair, but the pair I will be styling I bought from ASOS.

Monochrome chunky loafers outfit

1. Black and white

We are starting with something super simple - black and white; it’s a timeless combo. The perfect tank top for this season is a thick cotton ribbed one with a halter neckline like the one I’m wearing here. A simple chain finishes this outfit off.

Styling chunky loafers

2. Button-down

Here I’m wearing the same black pants but with a button-down white blouse and a black sweatshirt on top. The shirt peeping out the bottom adds a trendy element to this look.

Chic chunky loafers outfit

3. Suit

This outfit might just be my favorite. A blazer on top of bare skin is really chic. You can either go for a suit combo or just mix and match with different blazers and pants, like I’ve done here.

Blazer and jeans chunky loafers outfit

4. Blazer

Here I’m wearing a blazer tucked into a pair of jeans, which is a new trend right now. If you’re scared of additional volume in the waist area, you could go for a blazer bodysuit instead.

Simple chunky loafers outfit

5. Black tee

This outfit is so simple; anyone can pull it together. All you need is a pair of jeans, a black tee, and a belt. This is a great everyday outfit, and you can always add some jewelry or a statement bag if you want to dress it up a bit more.

Black and white chunky loafers outfit

6. Black white black

This next outfit is built using the rule black white black. It’s a super-easy way to coordinate your outfit’s color scheme. You don’t have to go for bright white if that’s not your thing; the pants that I’m wearing here are a bit of an off-white color.

Casual chunky loafers outfit

7. White sweatshirt

Here I added a bit of interest to an all-black outfit by tying a white sweatshirt around my shoulders. The white serves as a bright, catchy accent color. It makes the outfit less boring and also brings a preppy vibe.

Chunky loafers outfit with an arm comforter

8. Arm comforter

Here we have the next outfit where I’m wearing an arm comforter. It’s an easy way to add another layer without additional volume. If you don’t want to buy one, you can just DIY one using an old turtleneck, as I did here. I really like how it looks under this long leather coat.

Chunky loafers outfit with a fanny pack

9. Fanny pack

I’m wearing an oversized blazer and a little leather fanny pack to accentuate the waist for the next outfit. The gray fanny pack works really well with the beige tone of the pants as they are both neutral colors.

Sexy chunky loafers outfit

10. Silky button-up

This next outfit is super easy to recreate; it’s just simple black pants and a silky button-up. A silky button-up can be a great alternative to an everyday t-shirt if you want something more classy.

Here, I decided to wear it off-the-shoulders to create a different neckline, and I like the result.

Preppy chunky loafers outfit

11. Sweater vest

I can’t get enough of this outfit. A sweater vest is super trendy and also gives off a preppy feel which matches the preppy vibe of the shoes. Black and white always go with denim and this outfit feels very balanced and harmonious.

Leather chunky loafers outfit

12. Jumpsuit style

This outfit could be even more interesting with a black jumpsuit instead of two pieces, but I don’t have one, so I put two different pieces together that look a bit like a jumpsuit. Leather on leather can look super chic, and I like this combo. I also added a gold chain on the waist to accessorize.

Black chunky loafers outfit

13. Skirt

Here you can see that same accent with the gold chain on the waist, and we finally have something with a skirt, and I’m wearing a turtleneck and an oversized blazer to balance the feminine mini-skirt out a bit.

How to wear chunky loafers

14. Back to basics

I’ve gone back to basics with the white top and black bottom rule with the last outfit, and it works perfectly every time. During the fall or winter season, you can add almost any second layer here.

Chunky loafers outfits

I hope that you like the outfits that I put together. I stayed true to my personal style and incorporated all of my favorite elements, but it’s important that when styling your chunky loafers, you go with what works best for you; we all have our unique tastes. Let me know which of my outfits was your favorite!

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