Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Do you ever wish there was just a simple to-do list you could tick off to complete your capsule wardrobe? There's no denying building a capsule wardrobe is an ongoing task, full of trial and error and simply changes of the mind as our style grows and evolves over time. However, a new season is the perfect time to reevaluate and congratulate yourself on how far you've come. Here are 10 Spring clothes and accessories every fashionista needs in her wardrobe.

Long-sleeved mini dress.

This is the perfect transitional piece as you can layer it over tights or leggings when it's cooler and wear it bare-legged as it warms up. Because you can throw it on and still look glamorous, a dress is an essential weapon in your arsenal any time of the year.


For a capsule wardrobe, I'd recommend one pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and one pair of black. These should go with all your outfits. I like the tortoiseshell for when I'm wearing lighter colours and the black for a) when I'm wearing darker colours and b) when I feel like the outfit needs a little something to make it look more expensive and elevated.

A white midi or maxi dress.

Preferably cotton so it's nice and breathable. The one pictured is from Silkfred and looks fantastic with tan accessories. It's important to add accessories, such as a matching belt, bag and shoes to your dresses, otherwise they can look a bit one-note. Look for accessories with extra detail on them for added interest, such as the top-stitching effect on this Loewe belt.

You might prefer black or blush pink to white, but the important thing is to make sure it's a neutral colour for versatility. (You can play with bolder colours once you've got a good basis in place for your capsule wardrobe.). I like white because it makes the accessories pop but any other neutral will work.

A trenchcoat.

You can't talk about Spring capsule wardrobe items without mentioning the classic trench. Shades of beige are the most common but a black trenchcoat is also really handy because it doesn't show the raindrops like camel or sand-coloured coats do. If you're desperate for the classic Burberry trenchcoat, head to a designer outlet like Bicester Village, or keep an eye out in the Spring or Black Friday sales.

Ballet flats.

I currently only own 1 pair of black ballet flats and I'm keen to add more colours to my wardrobe. They are particularly useful at this time of year because footwear can be a minefield in Spring and ballet flats go with everything. They are also closed-toe which means you can wear them in rainy weather.

I would recommend 1 pair of black, 1 pair of tan and 1 pair in a lighter colour such as cream or blush pink.

A selection of neutral knitwear.

My wardrobe is quite minimalist but if there's a section I can't stop adding to, it's knitwear. In particular, cream knitwear. I just love it! I do wear it all though so as far as I'm concerned, I'm not breaking any capsule wardrobe rules.

Layering is key in Spring because the weather is all over the place. In the morning it's winter, in the afternoon it's summer and in the evening we're back to winter again. Make sure you have high-quality knits in versatile neutral colours in your wardrobe and you'll be all set for Spring.

A camisole or tee-shirt.

For the same reason as knitwear, these basic layering pieces are vital this time of year. If it gets too hot, you want the option to remove your warm jumper without getting arrested for indecent exposure. As always, I'd recommend neutral camis and tees until you have enough of a basic capsule wardrobe in place to start experimenting with bolder, more colourful pieces.

The perfect trousers for your bodyshape.

A great pair of trousers can do so much, like these bum-sculpting jeans from ASOS, or a pair of wide-leg trousers that look chic and also lengthen your legs.

Keep a couple of pairs of trousers in your Spring wardrobe for work and casual occasions. The weather can turn at any moment and even though Winter is behind us, there'll still be some mornings where all you want to do is pull on a pair of jeans.

A midi skirt.

Midi skirts are one of the most surprisingly versatile fashion items out there. A lot of people don't know wear to start with styling midi skirts but add one to your wardrobe and you'll see that they work for so many different occasions and seasons. I wear mine all year round, even on the warmest and coldest of days.

A ribbed midi skirt is my personal favourite because it hugs my curves without emphasising my lumps and bumps. Pleated midi skirts or satin bias-cut skirts are also good options. Pleated midi skirts are probably the easiest for 'beginners' to style because they are a better silhouette to wear with boots and a wider variety of coats and jackets.

Layer your midi skirt over tights, boots and with a knit for cooler weather, or style with a light cami and open-toe sandals when it gets warmer.

A bag big enough for an umbrella.

I've definitely fallen into the trap of buying teeny tiny bags that look oh-so-cute but they are just not practical for the English weather, especially in the transitional seasons.

My favourite style of bag is the medium-sized crossbody. It's relaxed, practical and big enough to hold the all-important umbrella without being cumbersome and oversized.

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