7 Cute Cottagecore Outfit Ideas You Can Create From Your Own Wardrobe

Josy Bun
by Josy Bun

Cottagecore is a massive trend on TikTok that I wanted to cover, so here I’m going to cottagecore outfit ideas.

I love delving into aesthetics and exploring them with clothes that I already have in my wardrobe, so I was really excited to put these outfits together. Let's get started.

White flowy cottagecore dress with a blue corset

1. Corset with a flowy dress

This particular garment is a gorgeous white gauzy material dress; it has stunning lace details and crochet bits, as well as these cute little princess sleeves. I’ve gone ahead and paired it with a corset.

This is probably the most theatric of all the looks I’m styling, a little bit less wearable than the others, but it is very on the nose when it comes to cottagecore aesthetics.

I finished the look with some brown suede boots.

Cute cottagecore picnic outfit with a gingham dress

2. Gingham dress

This next look is a really bold choice. I wanted to sort of go outside the box with this one with the beautiful bright pink gingham dress that I feel is a bit brightly colored for the cottagecore aesthetic along with these cherry red heels.

This definitely is a take on the styling of cottagecore without being as accurate as perhaps the last outfit was. I paired the outfit with a beautiful straw hat that has a gauzy cream bow around it.

Styling a cottagecore linen dress

4. Lovely in linen

Here we have a farm girl chic look. I love this outfit so much. It’s comprised of just a few different pieces. The bottom part is a cream linen dress that I love to layer with, and I’ve put this lacy white crop top over the top of it.

I love how simple this outfit is but how detailed and delicate this felt to wear. I feel like this is Cinderella when she’s cleaning floors before she gets the big poofy dress.

For footwear, I added some simple white sandals

Cottagecore maxi skirt with a balloon-sleeved shirt

5. Florals and puff sleeves

Here are some more staples in my wardrobe that just happen to fit this theme. This is a gorgeous ivory-colored blouse with some amazing ruched balloon sleeves. I am in love with this top.

I’ve paired it with my vintage, thrifted, patterned maxi skirt that has gorgeous little yellow flowers all over it. It’s nice and flowy, and it buttons up down the front so I can do the buttons up or leave them open where I want to.

I paired this outfit with the same white sandals and a similar but different straw hat. This one has a black underside that I feel complements the skirt, and of course, the actual straw color complements the creamy yellow of the top.

How to style cottagecore essentials

6. Dress over a top

I get compliments every time I wear this outfit.

This is a beautiful gingham dress, and I have paired it with a delicate overlay top. It’s got sheer mesh paneling, beautiful lace detailing, and a nice elastic waistband to cinch in the waist. You could also add a belt over the top of this.

Earth-toned cottagecore outfit idea

7. Earthy tones

This last dress is the simplest outfit I have shown you here. I love the dress because of the color; it’s this gorgeous, very earthy, and natural olive green.

It’s also ruched and has ruffles and sewn so well; I adore the quality.

I have kept the same brown boots on for most of the outfits because I feel that they are my most cottagecore style footwear and are also really comfortable. I think that this is the most wearable way to do cottagecore.

Cottagecore outfit ideas

I hope you have enjoyed these cottagecore aesthetic outfits. I love how this style kind of transports you into a different setting where you are at one with nature, and it’s all very serene and peaceful.

Try styling the cottagecore aesthetic for yourself!

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