10 Things You Can Do To Start The Year With A Powerful Wardrobe

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The new year is known to be a time where most of us self reflect, set new intentions and goals, and get real, real committed to getting results. Covid definitely shifted a lot things for us, part of that came down to quarantining and not dressing up powerfully aligned.

It’s normal that you pushed off getting stylishly dressed and you weren’t as thoughtful coordinating your looks. Take a moment to reflect on how that has impacted you and made you feel?

Since then you haven’t felt totally yourself and though you are putting in the work for your business you know how important showing up as your best self is... you also feel sluggish and you’ve notice that it’s taking you longer than usual to get things done.

There isn’t a better time than now for you to get back on your style grind. Yes you are doing the damn thing in your business but your visual aspect needs to be there as well.

Reminder: When you release low vibes you get that back in anything that you do. Don’t let your current style rut/hiatus stop you from being GREAT and operating in your full potential! ... AND STAWPPP BLAMING IT ON COVID; Reset, Readjust, Restart ISSA NEW YEAR BOO!

1.    Write down your style goals

Writing down your style goals and envisioning how you want to show up will help you manifest your dream style. This way you when you do go shopping or add pieces to your wardrobe you’re more intentional on what you're purchasing so it’s aligned with the direction you’re taking your style.

2.    Define your personal style type

Defining your personal style type will help you gain insight and clear direction of what your personal style entails. Being knowledgeable of this will also prevent you from the temptations of impulse buying.

textures, or patterns) and accessories to your outfit to transform your look. This is the icing on the top! How you put together the entire ensemble will express your individuality and have you stand out from the crowd.

3.    Start the year with a deep closet clean and audit

It's time to remove the clutter and all the unworn clothing you've accumulated the past year. This will give you a fresh start and clarity in where you currently are when it comes to your style and how to fill in what's missing and add the right pieces.

4.    Wear clothing that flatters your body type

Being knowledgeable of your body type and the silhouettes/shapes that properly compliments your figure will give you an extra boost in confidence. Your body is perfect, it's finding the right clothing that will help you get dressed and show up as your best self NOW to get to where you are going (future self).

5.    Wear colors that make you glow and feel good

Colors are a great tool you can use to enhance or elevate your wardrobe. Some color shades and tones do the magic and makes us more vibrant whether it shows up in our face or in our overall mood.

6.    Build a strong foundation of essentials/basics

Essentials/basics will allow you to create versatility and easily transition your wardrobe into other seasons. Also the base of any outfit usually starts with a basic piece that you will use as a starting point when coordinating your looks. Think of the multitude of ways you get out of 1 piece. My must have wardrobe essentials are a denim jacket, solid white button down top, a polished pair of jeans for a clean look, a black blazer, and solid colored t-shirts (preferably white and black).

7.    Invest in statement pieces and accessories

Thinking of taking your outfits to the next level? That's right girl, don't forget about incorporating statement pieces (prints, textures, or patterns) and accessories to your outfit to transform your look. This is the icing on the top! How you put together the entire ensemble will express your individuality and have you stand out from the crowd.

8.    Create your go to outfit formulas

You know those outfits that just work and you're instantly out the house and not stuck in a style rut, Yes! Continue to replicate those trusted formulas, this will simplify getting dress. Three of my go-to outfit formulas that always "WORK" are denim on denim, an all black look, a graphic tee paired with a denim jacket, and skirt, and lastly a blazer look paired with jeans and a graphic tee.

9.    Showcase your personality through what you wear

Studies show it takes about 7 seconds for someone to make a 1st impression... allow your style to introduce yourself before you speak.


In all that you do and wear BE CONFIDENT, and never dim your light!

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  • Abbie M Abbie M on Jan 26, 2021

    Such great tips!! Thank you for sharing! These make getting dressed and knowing what to donate so much simpler! :)

  • Dee B Dee B on Jan 27, 2021

    GOod advice for paring down and choosing just the flattering stuff. Thank you.