2021 Fashion Trends

I love fashion trends and I find that most trends come back every 20 or so years. In this tutorial, I am so excited to share the wearable trends of 2021. Knowing what trends are back is a great way to prepare and style outfits for the year so that you can stay fashionable and stylish all year round.

Summer 2021 fashion trends

The crochet trend 

I am so into the crochet trend! At the bottom of this look, I am wearing a bright red, mini skirt. I love the pop of color. The classic silhouette means that even when the crochet trend is out of style, this skirt still works. 

Spring 2021 fashion trends

If you have one of these crochet dresses, I think this style is definitely going to be around a lot this summer. 

Wear netting

An offshoot of the crochet trend is netting. This is a big trend on the runway and I can only see it getting bigger. 

Wear black and white

The black and white trend

This trend is called Monochromatic Magic! Black and white are such classic colors! This trend isn’t about wearing a black piece with the white piece but rather wearing pieces that have both colors. I have had the dress I am wearing for so long but it is just so classic and flattering and back on-trend. 

Autumn 2021 fashion trends

I actually prefer black and cream like this striped sweater but you can wear whatever you prefer. 

Wear checkered pieces

The biggest black and white trend in 2021 is definitely the checkered pattern. What’s great is that this is happening in other colors as well. 

Wear black and white tweed

If you have a black and white tweed jacket or subtle checkered coat, that’s the perfect way to play on the checkered trend. 

Wear sequin

The sequin or bling trend 

So I actually bought this sequin jumpsuit for an event that I didn’t end up going to. I love the silhouette of this jumpsuit. Vogue is calling this sequin trend, Living Room Disco and color is a big part of the trend. Sequin is just one of those trends that tend to always come back!

Fall 2021 fashion trends

The sorbet colors trend 

This trend is right up my alley! Any colors that you could see in a sorbet ice cream works for this trend. Purple or Lilac is one of the most popular colors for 2021.

Wear sorbet colors

I also love the colors green, yellow and blue for this sorbet trend. This trend is the perfect way to use clothing to brighten up our lives. 

Wear floral

The wallpaper floral trend 

The next trend that we are going to be seeing this year is the wallpaper floral and flower print trend. Floral comes back every spring and summer but this year we are going to see bolder floral prints.  

Wearable 2021 fashion trends

To prove how strong this trend is, this floral skirt was given to me by my mom and it is probably over 30 years old. This skirt is definitely more of a vintage floral 

Winter 2021 fashion trends

The statement outerwear trend 

This next trend is all about statement coats or outerwear. I love this trend! I like to pair these statement outerwear pieces with a more neutral outfit.  

2021 trendy outfits

If you don’t have a bold coat, you can always fake the trend with a bold and colorful scarf. Drape the scarf and there you have it, statement outerwear. 

Cinch in your waist

The cinched waist trend 

The trend that I have seen a ton on the runway this year is a cinched waist. Now a great way to rock this trend is with a pair of high-waisted pants. If you don’t have high waisted pants, then a belt is the perfect way to cinch in the waist. 

Wear loose pants

The loose pants trend 

Wearing loose pants means that they are usually high-waisted. Although loose on the bottom they are fitted on top and help to elongate your legs. I, for one, hope this trend stays because it is just so flattering. 

Wear exaggerated sleeves

The exaggerated sleeves trend 

Whether it's a shirt, sweater, or dress, the exaggerated sleeve is here to stay! You may already have a piece with an exaggerated sleeve and if you don’t, get one, because 2021 is going to be full of these fun sleeves! 

2021 styling tips

The brown trend 

I am very excited about this brown trend! Whether it’s brown or more neutral colors like beige or khaki, we are getting back in touch with natural colors in 2021. We are not only seeing brown clothing pieces but accessories as well! If you go head to toe in brown, you will look so on-trend! I would love to know if there are any other trends you are looking forward to this year! Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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