3 Reasons Wearing Black Isn’t Just for Halloween

Kastle W
by Kastle W

When October rolls around, we automatically start thinking of Halloween. The spooky décor appears all around us, and costumes need to be planned for events. For many, we think of wearing black for the Halloween season. It’s dark. It’s gothic. It’s mysterious. It’s classic Morticia Addams and Elvira. But wearing all-black is so much more versatile than just a Halloween outfit.

As a rock ‘n’ roll girl, I used to wear black all the time. Then I fell in love with wearing bold colors. Now I’m finding my way back to my black wardrobe and seeing how great black looks and how you can create more options in your wardrobe by setting a solid foundation with black basics to layer colors and prints over.

Don’t have any black clothes in your wardrobe? Get shopping!

Black top

Black pants

Black skirt

Little black dress

Here are some reasons wearing black isn’t just for Halloween.

Black Clothes Make You Look Thinner 

Wearing all black gives you a long, slim silhouette. The combination of the dark hue and monochrome color palette creates the optical illusion of a long and sleek line. So if you’re having one of those days when you’re feeling bloated or need to lose a few pounds (we all have them!), reach for your trusty black items, and you just might get those flattering comments of “have you lost weight?” And who doesn’t want that?

Black Clothes Make You Look Cool

There’s a reason black is the chosen color of rock ‘n’ rollers and hipsters. Black just looks cool. In past decades there were periods when black clothing was hard to find. It just wasn’t desirable. So finding it and wearing it became a color of rebellion and underground cool. Think of the hoods of the ‘50s (hello Fonzie!), beatniks in the ‘60s and rockers in the ‘80s and ‘90s. It soon became the color worn by chic urbanites. Don a black leather jacket and you’ll instantly feel a notch tougher. Think of it as a power color when you need a boost of confidence!

Black Clothes Make You Look Sexy  

There is a reason the little black dress is a classic. It always looks great. A black dress, as mentioned above, will make you look slimmer, and there’s something about this dark color that gives an air of mystery, romance, allure and little hint of danger. All rolled together, black is sexy. If you have a hot date, look for a black dress and double its power by opting for innately sexy materials such as silk, lace or velvet. You’ll be an instant heartbreaker!

A bonus reason for wearing black is never having to worry about things matching. Black matches black. There is no variation in the color. Which makes black separates perfect for capsule wardrobes and packing for trips.

Here are a couple of tips for keeping your black wardrobe looking polished:

Keep a lint roller handy! Every pet hair and speck of lint will show on materials that tend to attract these issues.

Also, watch for deodorant marks - those unsightly white streaks that occur down the side of your clothes when you put them on after putting on deodorant. I found even so-called “invisible” deodorants can cause these on black clothes. Keep a  deodorant mark remover sponge nearby. They magically and immediately take those marks off your clothes to save you any embarrassment.

So now that you know why wearing black isn’t just for Halloween, will you try it?

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