4 Classy Styling Tips

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

For those of you who prefer a more elegant style, it can be difficult at times to enjoy sophisticated pieces without looking old-fashioned. Conversely, it can sometimes be hard to dip your toe in trends while sticking to your personal style of being more classic and timeless. Read on for ways to strike the perfect balance and always look classy with a modern edge.

Styling tip no. 1 is to dress according to a colour palette. This doersn't have to mean only wearing colours that suit your skintone, eyes and hair, though this can be helpful. This is more about choosing a capsule collection of colours that you always stick to when purchasing clothes and putting outfits together.

As always, start with a declutter. Sell or donate anything you don't feel good in and make note of which colours you have kept and which you've thrown out. When I did this, I found I was wearing my neutral pieces and hardly ever reaching for my bolder colours so I stuck to whites, blacks and beiges for a very long time. Now that I've got my neutrals down, I have introduced green, orange, pink and burgundy into my wardrobe. I don't buy any other colours because I know the novelty will wear off quickly.

If your favourite colours aren't great on your skintone, you can always liven up your features with a flattering lipstick. I love wearing creams even though they wash me out a bit, so I often pair a cream knit with a red lipstick as I know that warms up my features.

Secondly, look for classic pieces with interesting details. The 'A Place in the Sun' coat from Santinni London usually comes in pink or blue but you can contact them asking for any bespoke colour. I had the coat made in black and it is far from boring - not that I think black is boring, but there are a lot of black coats out there and it's nice to find something a bit different!

The sparkly silver buttons and the 3/4 sleeves make this coat stand out from the crowd, even though it is in a very classic and practical colour.

Work out which silhouette you love to wear and wear this on repeat. As my waist is quite small in proportion to my hips and bust, I struggle to find dresses that fit everywhere. I worked out that I not only preferred wearing a top and skirt, I actually LOVED how I felt in it! I therefore prioritise midi skirts and tops/jumpers when planning my outfits.

You can use this technique to create outfits that you know you will love, but in different styles. If I want to look more romantic and cottagecore, I choose a floatier midi skirt, perhaps in chiffon or silk. If I want to look sexier or more contemporary, I choose a pencil skirt or a ribbed knit midi skirt like the one above.

Finally, remember to mix and match more feminine pieces with more masculine pieces, or more classic pieces with more modern. You don't ever want your outfit to be too much of one thing, but at the same time you don't want it to look jumbled - it's hard to get the right balance but that comes with time and practice.

The easiest way to achieve balance in your outfits is to pair a pretty floral dress with chunky boots. If the boots are black, go for a dark floral dress as this will coordinate better. If you get the colours matching, then the contrast in styles will be effective rather than out of place.

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