How to Look Classy: 10 Simple Tips For Everyday Style & Elegance

You don’t need to own expensive things to look expensive. Looking effortlessly chic can 100% be achieved with a few key pieces and a few clever tricks up your sleeve.

So in this style guide, I want to show you just that. How with ten simple style tips you can look classy, elegant, and timeless on a budget.

How to look classy

1. Mix smart and casual

One trick to creating a perfect, effortlessly chic outfit is to mix casual pieces with something smarter.

For example, a slouchy jumper with a polished midi-skirt, a vintage t-shirt with a pair of tailored trousers, or a simple white tee with a beautiful pair of heels.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a white shirt with a pair of jeans, then I’ve added a blazer to elevate the look.

Blazers are so handy to have in your wardrobe; they mix and match with so many different things. I tend to wear them almost daily.

Mixing smart and casual clothes

Here, I’ve paired tailored, wide-leg pants with a simple t-shirt. I love the juxtaposition of smart mixed with casual.

How to look classy and elegant

2. Handbags and shoes

If in doubt, match your shoes with your handbag. It's an easy way to make your whole outfit look put together.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but when I add a handbag and a pair of heels in a similar tone, it pulls the entire outfit together.

Matching purses and shoes to your outfit

Here, I’ve gone for a laidback bohemian bag. I’ve picked out the gold and paired it with these metallic gold heels. They’re not a perfect match, but it makes the outfit cohesive. 

How to look elegant and classy everyday

3. File and polish

Taking care of yourself and your clothes properly will make even the most basic outfit look polished. Having a good skincare routine is important, but you don’t have to spend a fortune at all.

Keeping your nails neat and tidy will help your overall look. You don’t have to have expensive manicures, just so long as your nails are neat, clean, and healthy, it will help get you that classy, elegant look.

How to look more classy

4. Revive and replenish

Your hair can make a massive difference in looking elegant and chic. Having brittle hair can ruin the most beautiful outfit.

Keeping your hair looking gorgeous will not only make you feel better but also make you look more polished and put together in the process.

Elegant fashion tips

5. From the outside in

One of the best ways to elevate your whole outfit is to invest in at least one piece of timeless outerwear. A classic trench coat, for example, will never date.

Another example is a beautiful wool coat. It will always elevate your whole outfit, making you look expensive, but most importantly, timeless. 

What to wear to look classy

There is something about camel tones that look luxurious and elegant without even trying.

This coat is made from a beautiful fabric; buy the best fabric you can afford and you’ll have it in your wardrobe for years.

I also advise sticking with neutral tones. That way, you know they’re not going to go out of fashion.

6. What is your style?

New fashion trends can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. We can get sucked into a trend regardless of whether it suits us.

However, there is nothing more stylish, classy, and elegant than a woman who really knows her own style. 

Style isn’t just about the clothes we wear; it’s about how we feel in our clothes and the confidence our outfit gives us. 

A crisp white shirt will always look classy

7. Your new best friend

The simplicity of a white buttondown shirt is fault-proof when you want to look classy, elegant, and chic on a budget. There is no size or shape that couldn’t make it work.

It’s the perfect look for when you don’t know what to wear and you’re in a rush - it’s hugely low maintenance.

I follow a few rules to make sure I get the look just right. For me, a shirt must never be too tight. When sleeves are pulling at the seams or the shirt is too tight over the chest or waist, you lose that classy elegance.

I always go for 100% cotton. I prefer my white buttondown shirts in slightly heavier cotton than normal, so they have that stiffer, crisper feel.

Always press your shirt perfectly. The idea of this look is all about looking crisp and polished. 

How to always look classy

8. A little care goes a long way

If you really take care of your clothes, you’ll find that they not only last longer but look chicer as a result.

Treat your delicates like they are delicate, I don’t completely trust my washing machine after a few mistakes I’ve had with it! Now, I tend to wash a lot of things cold by hand. That way, I feel assured that I’m going to retain the quality of those items.

Hang everything properly. If you don’t have room to hang everything, split your wardrobe into summer and winter, and put half away into storage.

Tucking in tops

9. To tuck or not to tuck

I’m a big fan of tucking in tops. There are so many options out there: you can do the mullet tuck, the man tuck, the smug tuck, the half-tuck, the double tuck... you get the idea, the list is endless. 

How to tuck in tops to look more elegant

Tucking in tops creates cleaner lines, gives you definition, and looks a lot neater.

Classy dressing tips

10. If in doubt, go minimal

When it comes to accessories, I believe that less is always more. I don’t like anything too bold or in your face, no matter how much it costs.

How to always look classy and elegant

I hope my style tips have given you a few ideas and a bit of inspiration of how you can very easily create a classy, elegant, and timeless look.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and whether you have any style tips of your own to add in the comments below.

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