9 Fun Monochrome Outfit Ideas For Every Color of the Rainbow

by Alexa

With spring in full force, I figured it was time to create a monochrome outfit ideas lookbook. If you don’t know what to wear, going with a full-color outfit is first of all easy to style, and secondly, it makes you look instantly stylish. Let’s get colorful!

Pink monochrome outfit

1. Pink

It's appropriate that the first color we are tackling is pink because my hair is pink! You will probably be disappointed in my shoe choices because I only own white and black shoes, so I couldn't do complete full-on monochrome.

I decided to mix different textures in this outfit, so the sweater is fuzzy and the pants are corduroy. The sweater is more salmon pink, whereas the bottoms are a nice purple-pink.

Putting a full pink outfit together is so fun! I don’t know about you, but I resented the color pink growing up because I wanted to be a tomboy. However, in the past couple of years, I’ve really grown into it.

How to style a pink monochrome outfit

One winning way to do monochrome is to mix different shades of the same color. For example, in this second pink outfit, the skirt is a pastel shade, the tank top is a bolder shade, and the puff-sleeve blouse is a light and sheer shade of the same pink.

I feel like a bubblegum princess!

Yellow monochrome outfit

2. Yellow

Next up - yellow! The color of sunshine and Winnie the Pooh. These pants are more of a mustard yellow. I like the top because it is a brighter yellow, and has this shiny look, which makes the pants pop. I added a short-sleeved pastel yellow sweater over the top.

Green monochrome outfit

3. Green

For this first green outfit, I paired a checkered sweater vest with forest green pants. Over the top, I’m wearing a green leather jacket. This whole outfit pops and looks really nice.

Pastel green monochrome outfit

To give pastel green its moment to shine, I put this outfit together. I really love the silk texture with the button-up that I’m wearing under the slip dress. The black boots keep this outfit chic.

How to wear green

Next, I had to style an outfit with this green cardigan. These pants are black and white checkered, but I wanted to show how you a more subtle monochrome outfit idea by pairing a color with some neutral patterns.

Purple monochrome outfit

4. Purple

Purple is a color that I haven’t really gotten into until recently. I like this outfit because the shades of purple are so similar, but because the top is a slightly more indigo bluey shade, it’s kind of popping out.

Purple-blue monochrome outfit

I just really wanted to wear this t-shirt. It looks a bit blue in the picture, but it’s actually purple in real life. The pants are corduroy. Is it the most stylish? I don’t know, but I love kitty cats.

Red monochrome outfit

5. Red

Are you ready for some fire because we’re onto the color red. Red is a color that I have a love-hate relationship with. Sometimes we work, sometimes we don’t.

In this case, I mainly focused on the deep wine shade with a slight purple hue, as I definitely feel more comfortable in this color. This is a great tip for going monochrome; go with the shades that you feel most comfortable in.

I added the bright red jacket over the top, as it really pops.

How to put together a red monochrome outfit

On the other hand, here's a bright red outfit because I remembered that I had this dress that goes well with the leather jacket. I think that this is a sexy red cherry-bomb type of vibe.

Orange monochrome outfit

6. Orange

I think that orange is an underrated color, and I think that the skirt goes really well with this top, what with it being a pastel orange.

I was pleasantly surprised how well these went together, considering they're the only orange items I own. Styling monochrome outfits really opens your eyes to different ways to wear what you already have in your wardrobe.

Light blue monochrome outfit

7. Blue

Blue is so easy to style but also hard because naturally, I just want to put denim on denim, so I tried to challenge myself with this.

I am wearing straight-legged jeans, but instead of putting a denim jacket on top of it, I decided to go for this sheer polka dot blue top underneath a tank top.

Dark blue monochrome outfit

I wanted to go for a deeper shade of blue with this second outfit. I went for some denim shorts, a deep, almost navy blue, satin top, and then, of course, I gotta go with a blue cardigan.

I feel that blue is a casual color to style because a lot of the blue things I own are denim.

All-white monochrome outfit

8. White

Now going into the color I’m most terrified to wear full-on and that is white. For this outfit, I decided to layer a white satin dress on top of a white button-up and then add some white pants and boots.

Most shades of white are basically the same, so I think that going with different textures is a great way to add personality to a white monochrome outfit.

Champagne-white monochrome outfit

I’ve included this champagne color in the white category, as I have this mesh top on top of a silky slip dress.

Black monochrome outfit

9. Black

Finally, we are onto black. I feel so cool wearing these faux leather pants. As with white, pairing different textures together is a great way to wear all black.

I went with leather pants, a corset top, and a puff-sleeve blouse. I have a lot going on, but because it's all black, you almost kind of miss it. I think you can have a lot of fun with a full-black outfit.

How to wear an all-black monochrome outfit

You can also make black monochrome very chic. With this outfit, I'm wearing wide-leg pants and a sheer polka dot print top under a tank top. Again, they’re all different textures.

Monochrome outfit ideas

I hope you’ve enjoyed traveling through the rainbow with me and picked up some monochrome outfit ideas along the way.

Feel free to stick to just a few monochrome colors, or go further afield and try to style colors that you wouldn’t usually wear.

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