Neutral Outfit or Bright Colours Gal?

by Glamorouslady_x

In the past couple of years the fashion world seems to have divided into two camps- those that wear primarily neutral colours such as beige, brown and black and the other that favours the brightest colours possible.

I must admit I somehow manage to migrate between the two camps on a daily basis. Half of my wardrobe consist of mainly neutral colours such as beiges and creams, whilst the other is full of bright colours. I’ve been told on many occasions that neutral palette really suits my colouring. Which is probably why I tend to wear so much of it. Neutral colours are very easy to style because they go with everything and anything and compliment each other very well.

However, there is something about bright colours that really brightens up the mood. And so, mainly in the summer months, I tend to wear a lot of very brightly coloured dresses and suits. Colour elevates the mood so why not wear more of it?

I’m linking this gorgeous two-piece co-cord that I am wearing in the photo above, just in case you are a fellow bright colour wearer.

However, some days, I’m also somewhere in between and every now and again put a nice monochrome outfit on just to mix it up 😉

Are you a colour wearer, a true neutrals enthusiast or somewhere in between?

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